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News for November 29, 2023

BookOutdoors Enables More People to Experience the Magic of the Outdoors

During the pandemic, camping boomed as it allowed people to travel and have fun while still practicing social distancing. With the increase in bookings, however, came difficulty in booking campsites. Today, BookOutdoors is entering the scene with the goal of making the process easier for outdoor enthusiasts.

During the peak of the pandemic, the outdoor recreation and outdoor hospitality industries were some of the hardest hit industries affected by travel bans and quarantine protocols, making it difficult for campers and outdoor enthusiasts to make campground reservations and plan outdoor travels. 

While camping, glamping, RVing, and other forms of outdoor experiences thrived and remained popular as parks across the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States reported more demand and increase in visitations and occupancy, campers have also faced challenges such as difficulty in booking campsites. Travel tech startup BookOutdoors is aiming to solve these problems.

In his LinkedIn post, Brian Nolan, co-founder and CEO at BookOutdoors, announced the launching of BookOutdoors, backed with $4 million in seed funding.

In his post, Nolan indicated that BookOutdoors strives to make it easier and more enjoyable for outdoor enthusiasts to plan and book outdoor travel at campgrounds, RV parks, cabins, and glamping resorts.

“We’re thrilled and proud to officially launch BookOutdoors, enabling more people to experience the magic of the outdoors by making it easier and more enjoyable than ever to plan and book outdoor travel,” Nolan said. 

The Denver-based startup is now live in twelve states featuring a wide array of options for campgrounds, RV parks, cabins, and glamping resorts.

BookOutdoors envisions inspiring and enabling everyone, everywhere, to experience the joy, wonder, and adventure of the outdoors.

According to its LinkedIn page, BookOutdoors is founded by a group of successful tech entrepreneurs and outdoor travel industry titans, bringing decades of travel and tech industry knowledge together to help everyone experience the magic of the outdoors.

BookOutdoors plans to launch in the rest of the United States and Canada. 

About BookOutdoors

Driven by the belief that the future is brighter when everyone spends more time outdoors, BookOutdoors makes planning and booking outdoor travel a more joyful, seamless experience while fueling the growth and success of its partners. Guests can search and book thousands of designated tent campgrounds, RV parks, cabins, glamping resorts, and other outdoor stays, all with no membership or booking fees.


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Rein Tarinay

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