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Cannella Media DTC Unveils RVTV

Cannella Media DTC has announced the launch of the RV channel, RVTV. Spearheading this announcement, industry stalwart Dan Dominski expressed confidence in the channel’s potential to cater to a rapidly growing community of RV enthusiasts.

Delving deep into the expansive world of recreational vehicles, RVTV is expected to be more than just a channel. 

With insightful reviews on the latest models, guidance on maintenance, and a curated selection of travel documentaries, the channel sets its sights on immersing viewers in the vibrant culture of RV travel. 

The introduction of Cannella Media DTC’s RVTV could be a game-changer for RV dealers and the broader RV industry

This dedicated channel, focusing on every facet of recreational vehicles, from in-depth reviews to essential maintenance tips, provides dealerships with a unique platform to showcase their offerings and tap into a larger, more engaged audience.

The combination of informative content and captivating travel documentaries can elevate brand awareness, influencing potential buyers and driving sales.

Get to know more about the official announcement of RVTV on tonight’s episode of RVing in New England. Hosted by industry stalwarts, Bob Zagami and John DiPietro, the show stands out as the RV industry’s sole online talk series. 

It serves as a reliable source of information, insights, and updates for the RV community, making it the ideal platform to introduce RVTV.

RVing in New England, which airs every Wednesday at 7 PM, features diverse guests from all segments of the RV marketplace. The interactions, discussions, and narratives shared here are a testament to the multifaceted world of RVs.

Join Bob Zagami, John DiPietro, and a host of RV enthusiasts tonight at 7 PM Eastern on www.facebook.com/rvinginnewengland


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