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Pebble Mobility Plans to Build an Electric RV as Easy To Use as an iPhone

Bingrui Yang, a veteran of Apple, Zoox, and Cruise, is leveraging his expertise in hardware, software, and user interaction to revolutionize the recreational vehicle (RV) industry. 

He has founded Pebble Mobility, a California-based electric vehicle (EV) startup, with the aim of transforming how people live and work on the road.

The shift in work culture towards more flexibility has led to an increase in the number of digital nomads. Yang, inspired by his own experiences with RVs, launched Pebble Mobility in 2022 to bring electrification, automation, and the usability of an iPhone to the RV world. 

According to the company, its first product will be a medium-sized towable all-electric travel trailer equipped with technology similar to the advanced driver assistance systems found in modern vehicles.

While Yang has not yet disclosed the dimensions, price, or other details of its first product, he revealed that the company recently raised $13.6 million from Lightspeed, Vision+, and UpHonest Capital in a seed and Series A round. 

These funds will be used to complete the RV prototype, which is expected to be unveiled in the fall. Yang also plans to double Pebble Mobility’s workforce, which currently consists of about 10 full-time employees from Apple, Cruise, Lucid Motors, and Tesla.

A key member of the team is CTO Stefan Solyom, a founding member of the Tesla Autopilot team who spent seven years at Apple and 10 years at Volvo Cars focusing on safety and autonomous systems. Yang is leveraging the expertise of his team and his own experience to change every aspect of the traditional RV and to automate the hardest part of RVing.

The RV will have a sleek, modern design, use lightweight composite materials, and will come with an electric powertrain, which will improve the fuel economy or range of whatever truck or SUV is towing it. It’s also equipped with solar power and will have the energy capacity to allow users to live off-grid for up to seven days, according to the company.

Innovations in electric vehicles are having a significant impact on the RV industry. The introduction of electric RVs like those being developed by Pebble Mobility is not only environmentally friendly but also offers a new level of convenience and usability. 

The integration of advanced technology similar to that found in modern vehicles enhances the overall user experience, making RVing more accessible and enjoyable.

The shift towards electric RVs also has implications for the broader RV industry. It opens up new opportunities for manufacturers and service providers, from the production of electric RVs to the development of charging infrastructure. 

The growth of the electric RV market could also stimulate innovation in related areas, such as the development of renewable energy solutions for off-grid living.

The innovations brought by electric vehicles are transforming the RV industry. Companies like Pebble Mobility are at the forefront of this change, developing electric RVs that offer a new level of convenience and usability. 

As the market for electric RVs grows, it is likely to stimulate further innovation in the industry and contribute to the broader shift toward sustainable transportation.

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May 20, 2024 2:13 am

How exciting is it that Pebble Mobility is shaking up the travel scene with their new electric RV? Imagine a future where hitting the road feels as smooth as using your favorite tech gadget. I can’t wait to see how this blend of innovation and sustainability transforms the RV game!


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