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AdventureGenie Launches AI-Powered Travel Planning Tool for RVers and Campers

AdventureGenie, a startup supported by Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub, introduces its AI-powered travel planning tool designed specifically for RVers and campers. 

Developed by former Microsoft senior technology executive Scott Lengel and veteran CEO/Investor David Greenberg, AdventureGenie aims to streamline the adventure planning process for RV travelers.

The platform utilizes AI technology to generate custom itineraries and travel plans based on popular themes, complete with trip guides, recommended campgrounds, and activities. 

With an extensive database of over 25,000 public and private campgrounds, AdventureGenie’s proprietary algorithms create personalized itineraries for each user.

 Unique features such as GenieSummaries, GenieScores, and GenieMatch help travelers identify campgrounds that best suit their preferences and streamline the reservation process.

Scott Lengel, CEO of AdventureGenie, explains the company’s approach: “We answer the three key questions on campers’ and RVers’ minds: What to do? How to get there? Where to stay. Our GenieTrips provide detailed itineraries for dozens of popular destinations.”

“Our adaptable route planning tool creates customized routes, recommends AI-generated GenieStops along the way, and is fully integrated with our campground database and our GenieTrips,” Lengel added. 

Planning RV and camping trips can be a complex and time-consuming process, often involving multiple websites and apps to search for campgrounds, map routes, and find local attractions. 

While some existing apps offer route planning tools, they often list only a few campgrounds near a stop and do not cater to the diverse preferences of RVers. AdventureGenie aims to fill this gap by offering a comprehensive and personalized trip planning experience.

David Greenberg, Chairman of AdventureGenie, shares his own experience as an inspiration for the platform: “AdventureGenie is the answer to the most vexing question my wife and I encountered while planning RV vacations: Can’t there be a one-stop-shop for RVers and campers to plan the trip of their dreams? The answer is emphatic, YES.”

The launch of AdventureGenie comes at a time when the outdoor hospitality industry is experiencing significant growth. 

RV travel and camping have become increasingly popular, with more people seeking outdoor adventures as a safe and affordable way to explore and reconnect with nature. 

This trend presents a unique opportunity for AdventureGenie to make a significant impact within the industry by simplifying the planning process for a growing community of outdoor enthusiasts.

In addition to catering to individual RVers and campers, AdventureGenie’s innovative approach has the potential to benefit the outdoor hospitality industry as a whole.

By streamlining the travel planning process and offering personalized recommendations, the platform can help drive business to campgrounds and attract a wider audience to the joys of RV travel, ultimately contributing to the ongoing growth and success of the industry. For more information, visit https://www.adventuregenie.com/.

Featured image from AdventureGenie

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Charles Evans
Charles Evans
April 10, 2024 9:24 am

Ever wonder how to plan your camping adventures stress-free? AdventureGenie’s got you covered with personalized itineraries, budget planning, and real-time weather updates. Makes adventure planning a breeze!


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