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KCN Campgrounds Launches Dynamic Website & Investor Portal

Today, KCN Campgrounds announces the launch of its new website and investor portal and the expansion of its campground portfolio. 

As a fresh and innovative player in the Outdoor Hospitality industry, KCN Campgrounds has quickly made a name for itself by focusing on the purchase and management of multiple RV campground properties since its inception in 2022.

KCN Campgrounds boasts an experienced management team with decades of real estate investing and management expertise. In their launch year, the company acquired four KOA RV campground properties in Wyoming, Wisconsin, Kansas, and Tennessee. 

This is in addition to three KOA RV campgrounds in Utah owned by founders Kevin Thueson and Cam Bowen, which were incorporated into the KCN portfolio in 2023 bringing the portfolio to seven properties.

Nate Thompson, a partner at KCN Campgrounds, says, “We’re thrilled to bring a new level of innovation and hospitality to the outdoor recreation industry. Our experienced management team is dedicated to providing exceptional experiences for our guests while making a positive impact on the environment and local communities.”

KCN Campgrounds is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen, supporting two key initiatives. The first is Care Camps, a non-profit organization that sends children with cancer to specially designed and staffed summer camps. 

The second is KampGreen, which focuses on improving the environmental footprint and impact of each of their properties. 

Cam Bowen, another partner, explains, “Our partnership with Care Camps and KampGreen allows us to create memorable experiences for campers while also making a meaningful difference in the world.

The company has its sights set on growth, with multiple new properties under review for purchase in 2023. KCN Campgrounds is actively working with a growing group of investors to generate excellent returns through both cash flow and asset appreciation. 

Kevin Thueson, KCN’s third partner, emphasizes, “We’re excited about the future, and our expanding portfolio is a testament to our commitment to providing our investors with attractive returns and our guests with unforgettable experiences.”

Interested investors are encouraged to visit the investors section of the new KCN Campgrounds website for more information on the company’s growth strategy and investment opportunities.

About KCN Campgrounds

KCN Campgrounds is a rapidly growing outdoor hospitality company that focuses on the purchase and management of RV campground properties. 

Founded in 2022, the company is dedicated to providing exceptional guest experiences while prioritizing environmental stewardship and community engagement. With a strong foundation built on an experienced management team, KCN Campgrounds continues to expand its portfolio and seeks to collaborate with investors who share their vision for growth and excellence in the industry. 

For more information on KCN Campgrounds and their portfolio of properties, visit their website at kcncampgrounds.com.

KCN Campgrounds’ Portfolio

KCN Campgrounds currently owns and operates seven KOA campgrounds in multiple states, including Wyoming, Wisconsin, Kansas, Tennessee, and Utah. 

Each property offers a unique and memorable experience for guests, with a diverse range of accommodation options, amenities, and nearby attractions. The campgrounds include Richfield KOA Holiday, Green River KOA Journey, Wisconsin Dells KOA Holiday, Vernal / Dinosaurland KOA Holiday, Sweetwater / I-75 / Exit 62 KOA Holiday, Sheridan / Big Horn Mountains KOA Journey, and Goodland KOA Journey.

For more information on each property, explore the new KCN Campgrounds website, where guests can learn about the specific amenities, accommodations, and nearby attractions and events at each campground. 

The website also provides easy access to booking and reservation information.


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