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MC Fireside Chats is a weekly show focused on the Outdoor Hospitality Industry. We dive into topics that will impact your business each week and invite guests who can contribute to these discussions. From highlighting unique vendors and broadcasting live from conferences to discussing legal, marketing, accounting, news, and dozens of other topics, we are the best place to stay updated on everything you need and want to know.

Our podcast has a global audience of more than 30,000 people through our live social media broadcasts alone, encompassing more than 11 FB Pages/Groups, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, and LinkedIn. After the live broadcast, the show is syndicated to all the major podcast platforms like Apple Podcasts, Google, and Spotify, archived on mcfiresidechats.com, and reaches a worldwide audience through moderncampground.com.

The primary audiences of MC Fireside Chats are owners, operators, and team members of RV parks, campgrounds, and outdoor resorts. We also focus heavily on the RV Industry and have a large audience of developers, vendors, associations, consumers, and any others with a vested influence in the outdoor hospitality industry.

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MC Fireside Chats Is Hosted By

An MC in a sweater standing in an office.
Brian Searl
Insider Perks

First Wednesday - Open Discussion Guests

These special guests join us once a month, on the first Wednesday of each month, for our open discussion show. This monthly episode will cover a variety of news/commentary from the Outdoor Hospitality Industry.

A smiling woman in a black jacket enjoying a cozy fireside chat.
Christine Taylor
Towne Law Firm
A smiling woman wearing a blue and white top during an MC Fireside Chat.
Sandy Ellingson
RV Industry Advisor
The MC enjoys Fireside Chats while taking a selfie on top of a mountain.
Casey Cochran
MC Fireside Chats: A man in a plaid shirt smiling in front of a stone wall.
Mike Harrison
CRR Lifestyle
A man in a red shirt smiling for the camera during one of the MC Fireside Chats.
Mark Koep
Campground Views
MC Fireside Chats with a man wearing glasses and a gray jacket in the snow.
Scott Bahr
Cairn Consulting Group

Second Wednesday - Glamping Show

Focused on what’s new and upcoming in the glamping industry from all over the world.

A woman in a green shirt standing in front of a MC Fireside tent.
Irene Wood
Fields of Michigan
A smiling man with a beard enjoying Fireside Chats in front of trees.
Zach Stoltenberg
A man with a beard smiling in front of trees, radiating the warm vibes of Fireside Chats.
Ruben Martinez
Glamping Hub
A man with a beard smiling for the camera during MC Fireside Chats.
Chris Jeub
Monument Glamping

Third Wednesday - Campground Owners Show

Focused on what campground owners are thinking about right now, this show features regular guests including Joe Deumig from App My Community, Nate Thompson from KCN Campgrounds, and more.

MC Fireside Chats featuring a bearded man in a plaid shirt smiling.
Scott Knepp
IVEE Group
MC Fireside Chats - A man with glasses and a beard smiles in front of a white wall, ready to engage in warm conversations.
Nate Thompson
KCN Campgrounds
Whitney Scott
Kampgrounds of America
A man with a beard smiling in front of a bed, creating genuine connection with viewers.
Sean Vidrine
Four Points RV Resorts
A man in a plaid shirt is smiling in front of a wooden wall during MC Fireside Chats.
Joe Duemig
App My Community
A woman smiling during an MC Fireside Chat in front of a green wall.
Candice McNamara
A man smiling in front of an rv park during MC Fireside Chats.
Greg Emmert
Camp Strategy

Fourth Wednesday - RV Industry / Outdoor Rec Show

Focused on what’s happening in the RV Industry and Outdoor Recreation, this show features regular guests including Phil Ingrassia from RVDA, Eleanore Hamm from RVDA Canada, and Shane Devenish from CRVA. We’ll also have special guests from time to time.

A woman in a white blazer and black top, engaging in MC Fireside Chats.
Eleanore Hamm
RVDA Canada
A smiling woman in a black jacket and floral shirt participates in MC Fireside Chats.
Susan Carpenter
RV Women's Alliance
A man in a suit and tie smiles in front of an office during MC Fireside Chats.
Shane Devenish
MC Fireside Chats - A man in a suit and tie is posing for a photo during the chats.
Phil Ingrassia

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