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TruDomes: Revolutionizing Glamping with Cutting-Edge Domes

In a significant development for the glamping industry, British glamping dome manufacturer TruDomes has opened its first-ever permanent showroom. 

Located at their official headquarters in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, the showroom was inaugurated at a special event attended by major players from the tourism, glamping, and manufacturing industries around the UK. 

The event also saw the presence of popular YouTube stars Vicki and Bryan from Tractors & Cream.

TruDomes Director Kelda Bassett expressed her delight at the feedback received at the show dome launch. She highlighted how TruDomes have been a regular feature at many glamping trade shows over the years, providing a platform to meet glampsite owners and designers to share ideas and showcase their qualities. 

As reported by Camping Trade World, with the launch of their show dome, they can now do the same at their head office, with appointments available every weekday.

TruDomes sales manager, Lousie Stone, emphasized the benefits of having a permanent show dome. She believes that stepping inside their domes and seeing them up close is the best way to appreciate TruDomes’ investment in all-weather performance, durability, and manufacturing quality. 

The strength of their aircraft-grade aluminium frames and the hard-wearing qualities of 650 g/m² lacquered PVC covers with triple-layered insulation are some of the features that stand out.

The show dome also incorporates some of TruDomes’ most popular upgrades, including the wood-burning stove and the portholes for pets, which were a frequent talking point at their launch event. These features highlight the company’s commitment to providing a luxurious and comfortable glamping experience.

TruDomes has grown its business by supplying glamping sites throughout the UK. However, they have not limited their operations to the UK alone. The company has expanded into continental Europe and launched a Utah-based North American operation, demonstrating their global ambitions.

Earlier this month, TruDomes signed a distribution agreement with Glamping Japan to establish a new sales network in East Asia. This move signifies their intent to tap into the growing popularity of glamping in the region and further expand their global footprint.

Investing in the latest glamping trends and innovations, like those offered by TruDomes, can provide significant benefits for outdoor parks and resorts. The unique and high-quality glamping domes manufactured by TruDomes can attract more visitors, providing a unique and luxurious outdoor experience.

The opening of TruDomes’ showroom and their expansion into global markets are significant developments in the glamping industry. These moves not only demonstrate the company’s growth but also the increasing popularity of glamping as a form of outdoor recreation.

For more information about TruDomes and their innovative glamping domes, visit their official website here.

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May 21, 2024 1:12 pm

Isn’t it amazing how stepping into a TruDome feels like a dreamy mix of nature and luxury? The soundproofing tech creates a serene vibe, and those eco features like solar panels add a cool sustainable touch. It’s like a little slice of paradise in every glamping stay!


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