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South Ayrshire Council to Decide on Contested Holiday Park Plan Amid Strong Community Backlash

In South Ayrshire, a proposed holiday park plan has sparked significant controversy, drawing over 570 objections from the local community. The South Ayrshire Council is poised to make a crucial decision on this contentious issue, which has become a focal point of community concern and involvement.

The plan involves the development of a holiday park north of Coylton, featuring pitches for 174 holiday lodge-style caravans and additional pitches for staff accommodations. This ambitious project aims to expand local tourism infrastructure but has met with considerable resistance from residents.

Central to the community’s objections is the concern over traffic and road safety. Residents argue that the narrow residential streets, particularly Woodhead Road in Coylton, are unsuitable to handle the increased traffic flow and caravan deliveries that the park would bring, according to a report by the Ayr Advertiser.

These concerns are not just about the volume of traffic but also about the safety of pedestrians and the general suitability of these roads for such a development.

In response to these concerns, the developers proposed several mitigation measures. These include alterations to the road network at Barclaugh Drive and Woodhead Road, the introduction of a designated priority one-way working system with appropriate signage, and the implementation of a 20mph speed limit on these roads. However, these proposals have not assuaged the community’s apprehensions.

Environmental impact, along with the potential disruption to the residential amenity, forms another significant part of the objections. Residents fear that the development could negatively impact the local landscape and disrupt the tranquility of the area.

The Ayrshire Roads Alliance has also objected to the plan, specifically citing the unsuitability of the proposed access route to serve the development. Their stance adds a significant weight to the community’s concerns, highlighting the potential risks and inadequacies of the current infrastructure to support such a large-scale project.

A report by planning officers to the South Ayrshire Council’s Regulatory Panel has recommended refusal of the application. 

The report acknowledges the community’s concerns and agrees that the proposed access route is unsuitable for a development of this type and scale. It concludes that the applicant has been unable to overcome these critical issues.

As the South Ayrshire Council Regulatory Panel prepares to consider the application, the decision carries substantial implications. It is not just about the future of this particular development but also about how local governance responds to community concerns and balances development with the preservation of local amenities and safety.

The controversy surrounding the holiday park plan in South Ayrshire underscores the importance of community involvement in local planning decisions. The council’s upcoming decision will be a testament to how local authorities navigate the complex interplay of development, community interests, and environmental stewardship.


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