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News for September 26, 2023

Parkdean Resorts Unveils Celebrity Weekender Breaks

Parkdean Resorts has unveiled its latest offering – the ‘celebrity weekender’ breaks. These exclusive breaks, set to take place at three of its prime locations, promise guests an unparalleled experience, blending the relaxation of a holiday with the thrill of celebrity performances.

Scheduled for the weekend of November 17 to November 20, these breaks are available at Sandford in Dorset, Vauxhall in East Anglia, and Trecco Bay in South Wales. Each location boasts its unique theme, from ‘Leading Ladies’ in Dorset to nostalgic ’80s and ’90s weekenders in Vauxhall and Wales, respectively.

Parkdean ensures a holistic holiday experience, offering a plethora of activities for attendees. From archery sessions to arts & crafts classes, there’s something for everyone. Early evenings promise family entertainment, ensuring that every moment is packed with fun and memories.

Attendees can look forward to fancy dress parties, engaging bingo sessions, and silent discos. Tribute acts, including the likes of Reyonce, Spice Forever, and Rogue Minogue, are set to elevate the entertainment quotient.

The concept of combining a holiday experience with celebrity performances has garnered attention from various media outlets and travel enthusiasts, according to a report by The Sun.

The breaks have been designed to provide a mix of relaxation, entertainment, and a touch of glamour, making them a unique offering in the travel industry.

Accommodations at these parks are designed keeping larger groups in mind. Options that can house up to six individuals are available, making it ideal for families or groups of friends looking for a weekend getaway. Prices for these exclusive breaks range from £199 to £519, varying based on the location and theme.

Beyond the celebrity weekenders, Parkdean Resorts offers a wide range of facilities across its parks. From fishing facilities at eight of their parks to children’s menus at all their restaurants, the focus is on enhancing the guest experience. 

The convenience of in-venue WiFi, laundrettes, and even electric vehicle charging at select parks ensures that every need is catered to.

Parkdean Resorts operates in various picturesque locations across the UK. From the coastal beauty of Cornwall and Devon to the serene landscapes of East Anglia, each park offers a unique experience, ensuring that guests have a plethora of options to choose from.

The introduction of the celebrity weekend breaks is a testament to Parkdean Resorts’ commitment to innovation and enhancing the guest experience. By blending traditional holiday park offerings with a touch of stardom, they have created a unique getaway option that promises memories for a lifetime.


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Mau Mendoza

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