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Parkdean Resorts’ September Staycation Boom: A Reflection of the UK’s Changing Holiday Trends

The British holiday season, once confined to the summer months, is now extending its reach into the autumn, with Parkdean Resorts at the forefront of this shift. 

Data from the UK’s leading holiday park operator reveals a significant uptick in bookings for September and October, a whopping 44% increase compared to pre-COVID levels. This surge is not just a statistical anomaly but a reflection of a broader trend in the UK’s holiday habits.

One of Parkdean’s parks in Cornwall, a perennial favorite among holidaymakers, has reported a staggering 95% capacity for September. This trend is not isolated. Many of their parks are nearing full capacity, with Looe Bay in Cornwall leading the pack at 95%. 

Other parks, such as Manor Park and California Cliffs in Norfolk and Sea Acres and Lizard Point in Cornwall, are also witnessing a surge in demand, according to a report by Hotel News.

But what’s driving this shift? The reasons are manifold. The consistent full occupancy of holiday parks during the summer months has led many to defer their vacations to later in the year, hoping to capitalize on lower prices and the allure of an Indian Summer. 

With temperatures recently soaring to 30C, Parkdean is bracing for a wave of last-minute bookings.

The numbers speak for themselves. Bookings throughout September and October have seen a significant increase compared to 2019 figures. Xavier Vallee, chief customer officer at Parkdean Resorts, attributes this trend to a renewed love for domestic holidays, a sentiment that has grown stronger in the wake of the pandemic. 

This September, Parkdean’s parks are set to welcome a diverse group of travelers, from couples to families, in record numbers.

The broader implications of this trend are profound. With almost half of the UK population opting for more domestic holidays, local economies in tourist hotspots are witnessing a welcome boost. An estimated 14.2 million more Brits are exploring UK destinations this year, a testament to the country’s enduring appeal as a holiday destination.

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February 16, 2024 1:09 am

Looks like Brits are really getting into the idea of extending their summer frolic into September and October! The surge in demand for staycations presents a perfect opportunity to explore the diverse range of activities and attractions at Parkdean’s Cornwall parks.


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