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Lode Hall Expansion: Boosting Local Tourism with Holiday Parks

Lode Hall, a popular holiday park in Upwell, is planning to expand its site by adding 15 more holiday lodges, bringing the total to 35, including one for a site warden. The owners have applied to West Norfolk Council for permission to carry out this expansion. 

They believe that this will allow the business to grow, especially considering the economic climate of the last few years, and enable them to attract more visitors.

The presence of a full-time warden will ensure that there is always someone on site to welcome guests and resolve any issues. The warden will also be responsible for maintaining the high standards of care and attention that the site is known for. 

According to the Fenland Citizen, Lode Hall is an established business run by AS Johnson and Son Ltd, with the holiday lodges and other buildings let out to visitors.

Holiday parks like Lode Hall play a crucial role in improving tourism in local areas. They provide a unique experience for tourists, combining the comforts of home with the adventure of being in a new place. By expanding their facilities, holiday parks can accommodate more visitors, thereby boosting local tourism.

The expansion of Lode Hall is not expected to affect the amenities of nearby properties. Given its existing use as a holiday park and the number of lodges it already has permission for, the proposed expansion can be considered a relatively minor change to the site.

The impact of holiday parks on local tourism can be significant. They attract tourists who spend money not only on accommodation but also on local attractions, food, and other services. This spending boosts the local economy and can lead to job creation.

Furthermore, holiday parks can help to promote local attractions and activities. By providing information and recommendations to their guests, they can drive visitor traffic to these attractions, benefiting other local businesses.

The planned expansion of Lode Hall is a positive development for local tourism. By increasing the number of lodges and providing a full-time warden, the holiday park aims to attract more visitors and provide a high-quality experience. This, in turn, will contribute to the growth of the local economy and the promotion of local attractions.


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