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Llanfyllin’s Llety’r Eos Caravan Park Proposes Expansion, Doubling Its Capacity

In a recent development, Llety’r Eos Caravan Park, nestled near the quaint town of Llanfyllin in Powys, has put forth a planning application that could see its capacity more than doubled. This move signifies the park’s ambition to cater to a growing demand, offering visitors an unparalleled holiday experience amidst the tranquil embrace of nature.

The caravan park, which currently houses 15 caravans, has proposed the addition of 17 more. This expansion is not just about numbers; it’s about enhancing the visitor experience. 

The park’s vision is to create a space where visitors can truly “relax and escape in this rural setting,” a testament to the serene beauty of Llanfyllin and its surroundings.

Managed by the Jones family, Llety’r Eos Caravan Park stands as a testament to family-run businesses’ ability to understand and cater to their clientele’s needs. The park, which sprawls over an impressive 13 acres, has always been a favorite among those seeking a peaceful retreat, and this expansion promises to uphold that legacy.

The proposed additional caravans are strategically planned to be located to the North and East of the existing park, as reported by the Advertizer.

This positioning ensures that the park’s serene ambiance remains undisturbed, allowing both new and existing visitors to enjoy the tranquility they’ve come to expect from Llety’r Eos.

Accessibility is also on the park’s agenda. With plans for “new and improved” access routes, the park ensures that visitors’ convenience is at the forefront of their expansion strategy. Such meticulous planning underscores the park’s commitment to offering a seamless experience to its patrons.

Agents Roger Parry, representing the park, have emphasized Llety’r Eos’s appeal as the “ideal location for a family holiday home.” The park, set in a peaceful wooded valley, offers panoramic views of the stunning Welsh countryside. For those who find solace in nature, scenic walks through nearby woods and pastures promise a rejuvenating experience.

The design and layout of the expansion have been chosen with great care. The aim is to extend the existing holiday park without causing any disruption to the current caravans. This thoughtful approach ensures that the park’s charm remains intact, even as it grows.

Furthermore, the agents have highlighted the park’s efforts to ensure that the expansion is in harmony with its surroundings. The design is unobtrusive, blending seamlessly with the countryside. The positioning of the caravans, combined with additional landscaping, ensures they meld into the surroundings, preserving the area’s natural beauty.

The caravans’ proposed location on pastureland, forming a circular layout, is another testament to the park’s thoughtful planning. Due to the land’s topography, these caravans will remain hidden from view from the B4391 road, ensuring that the park’s serene ambiance remains undisturbed.

Featured image from Llety’r Eos Caravan Park.

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February 20, 2024 4:47 am

This sounds incredible! Doubling the capacity and adding new activities at Llety’r Eos Caravan Park will be terrific. I’m excited about the eco-friendly measures as well. Preserving the natural beauty while providing more opportunities for relaxation and enjoyment is so valuable. Can’t wait to see the expansion!


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