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News for March 27, 2023

Landowners Who Won the Case Against Nat’l Park Authority to Allow Wild Camping to Continue


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The Darwalls, owners of the Blachford Estate in England, have announced that they will allow permissive wild camping to continue on their land.

This decision comes after a recent successful high court challenge against the Dartmoor National Park Authority (DNPA). Alexander Darwall, a hedge fund manager and owner of the estate, brought the case to overturn the legal right to wild camp on Dartmoor without the permission of the landowner.

The statement from the Darwalls explains that they have worked with other landowners on Dartmoor to permit wild “backpack” camping on parts of their moorland and that they believe this permissive agreement preserves and facilitates the spirit and ethos of genuine “backpack” camping.

They also clarify that the High Court case only sought clarity on the meaning of Section 10(1) of the Dartmoor Commons Act 1985 and that the judgment clarified what the statute intended.

The Dartmoor National Park Authority has been working with landowners to reach an agreement to allow some form of camping in certain areas to continue and has produced an interactive map with information for campers. This map can be accessed at https://www.dartmoor.gov.uk/about-us/about-us-maps/camping-map.

In the statement, the Darwalls also emphasized the importance of all landowners who have legally binding obligations under management agreements or statutory designations to protect archaeology, biodiversity, and the environment, and find the delicate balance for responsible management alongside access.

They said they are “pleased” to have found a way forward on this matter and will continue to work with the Dartmoor National Park Authority through the Dartmoor Commons Owners’ Association so that short-duration backpack-style camping can continue to be enjoyed on land as is now defined on the new DNPA Camping Map.

Overall, the Blachford Estate’s decision to allow permissive wild camping on their land will allow visitors to continue to enjoy the rugged beauty, remoteness, challenge, and health benefits of Dartmoor within a suitable framework that can be easily, effectively, and responsibly understood by users and managed by the Dartmoor National Park Authority.

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