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Great Wedlock Farm and Deer Park to Unveil £2 Million Luxury Holiday Lodges in Pembrokeshire

Great Wedlock Farm and Deer Park in Pembrokeshire has announced plans for a significant development: the construction of new holiday lodges worth £2 million. 

According to an article by The Sun, this project aims to enhance the visitor experience by offering luxurious accommodations in the midst of the park’s natural beauty, pending approval.

The Welsh park spans more than 175 acres and is home to three different types of deer, with around 200 deer in the park at any one time. 

Visitors can observe Fallow Deer, Red Deer—the largest kind at the site—and the extremely rare White Red Deer, with only a few sightings in the UK over the last few decades. 

It will soon be easier to spot these rare animals if plans to build 15 lodges at Great Wedlock Farm and Deer Park are approved.

The park’s owners, Mr. and Mrs. Evans, have a long history in the holiday park industry, having developed several parks across the UK. 

They decided to return to Pembrokeshire, where they started their business in 1976, to further develop the deer park. 

Their plans include building 15 wheelchair-accessible lodges, which will significantly benefit the local economy by providing income to local suppliers, contractors, and the lodge manufacturer. According to the Western Telegraph, the holiday lodges will cost £2 million to build.

A statement supporting the application read: “Over the last 48 years, my wife and I have developed Holiday Parks firstly in Pembrokeshire and then throughout the UK.”

“We decided to return to Pembrokeshire where it all started for us in 1976, to develop the deer park and are now looking to develop the wheelchair accessible lodge development, to support our business and for the benefit of Pembrokeshire and its economy,” the park owners added. 

In addition to the new lodges, Great Wedlock Farm offers a variety of attractions and activities. Visitors can enjoy safari tours, which allow them to explore the park in buggies guided by an expert via an intercom system.

 Buggies can be hired starting from £60 for a family of four, and the tours run at set times including 11am, 1pm, and 3pm, with visitors asked to arrive 45 minutes before their allotted slot. 

Other activities include a VIP Guided Safari tour, where visitors are driven around the deer park in a people carrier.

Other attractions include the Cinema Barn, which has a large cinema screen, an indoor play area, and pedal tractors. 

The park is conveniently located, just a 75-minute drive from Swansea and 100 minutes from Cardiff.

This development is crucial for the holiday park industry as it exemplifies the trend toward creating more immersive and accessible experiences for visitors.

By combining luxury with nature, Great Wedlock Farm and Deer Park is setting a new standard that could inspire other parks to adopt similar strategies. 

This not only enhances the visitor experience but also supports local economies and promotes sustainable tourism practices.

Featured image from Great Wedlock Farm and Deer Park via tenbydeerpark.co.uk

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