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Eryri National Park Authority Rejects Major Holiday Park Redevelopment Plan

The Eryri National Park Authority’s planning and access committee has rejected a significant redevelopment proposal from Sunbeach Holiday Park in Llwyngwril. The decision was made amid concerns over the potential detrimental impact on Gwynedd’s coastal landscape and the local community.

Sunbeach Holiday Park, located between Tywyn and Barmouth, had submitted an application to make extensive changes to its existing layout. The plans included a new site entrance, internal access road, an amenity area, and the redistribution of 36 caravans within the current holiday park

Despite assurances that the total number of caravans would not increase from the existing 455 units, the committee found multiple issues with the application, according to a report by the North Wales Chronicle.

The redevelopment plan detailed the addition of 24 new static caravans/lodges, the replacement of a residential dwelling with 12 static caravans, and the substitution of an old site shop with three caravans. 

The park, which operates year-round on an 11.6-acre site formed by merging two adjacent caravan sites, argued that the proposed improvements would positively impact the local economy, enhance the site’s landscape integration, and provide better environmental standards.

However, the committee raised several significant concerns. They cited the unacceptable enlargement of the caravan park and the negative impact on the landscape and local amenities. 

The proposal failed to provide sufficient information on the potential impact on protected species, included significant tree losses, and lacked an archaeological geophysical survey requested by the archaeology firm GAPS. The committee noted that the plans involved relocating twin-unit caravans, which are larger than the usual single units.

Local opposition played a crucial role in the decision. Gwynedd County Councillor Louise Hughes, who represents the ward where the park is located, voiced strong opposition to the proposal. 

“The site is already large enough and very visible from the road. The community council is strongly against it, and it’s intrusive in the landscape,” Hughes said, as quoted in the North Wales Chronicle report.

She also highlighted concerns about road safety and the negligible benefit to the local community, emphasizing that the site already has self-contained amenities, including a shop, swimming pool, and pub/club. 

“It won’t bring anything to the community; everything is on site,” Hughes added.

The proposal also faced criticism for failing to demonstrate exceptional circumstances for the extension of the caravan park. The committee found that the application did not provide satisfactory improvements for the overall site and landscape setting and was contrary to various planning policies.

According to a report by the National Park Authority, there was insufficient ecological information provided, and the proposed significant tree losses were considered unacceptable on biodiversity and climate change grounds. 

Furthermore, the absence of a transport statement to show the proposal’s acceptability on highway safety, convenience, and sustainability grounds was another critical factor in the refusal.

Cllr Edgar Wyn Owen, who proposed the refusal, stated that the development was “too big,” a sentiment seconded by Cllr Ifor Lloyd. 

The committee concluded that elements of the proposed development, particularly those to the east of the Cambrian railway line, would have a detrimental impact on the character and appearance of the landscape and nearby residences.

The rejection of the Sunbeach Holiday Park redevelopment plan underscores the importance of balancing development with environmental and community considerations. The decision reflects the committee’s commitment to preserving the natural beauty and ecological integrity of Gwynedd’s coastal landscape while addressing local concerns.

For now, Sunbeach Holiday Park will need to reconsider its redevelopment strategy and address the highlighted issues if it plans to resubmit the application in the future.

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