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Enchanting Winter Magic at Bluestone Resort’s Christmasland 2023: A Festive Wonderland with Sleigh Rides, Reindeer Breakfasts, and More from £18pp a Night

Bluestone Resort, renowned for its immersive holiday experiences, is set to transform into a winter wonderland, aptly named Christmasland, from November 6 to January 4, 2024. 

Visitors, both young and old, will be enveloped in a festive spectacle, where enchantment, love, and family togetherness take center stage, crafting a special experience that promises to linger in memories.

Upon arrival, guests are greeted by twinkling trees and pointy-eared friends, setting the stage for a festive retreat. The resort ensures that the spirit of Christmas is felt right from the start, with Christmasland Passports and a Polar Postal envelope for Santa letters awaiting in the accommodations, sparking excitement and anticipation for the festive adventures ahead.

The resort offers a special Christmasland package for those booking 3 or 4-night breaks between November 6 and December 17, as reported by the Sun.

The package is brimming with festive activities, including the Claus Christmas show, a visit to Santa’s Workshop, an adrenaline ticket, and a magical journey on Santa’s VR Sleigh, not to mention access to themed areas like the Elf Lagoon and the Snow Globe.

Bluestone doesn’t merely host events; it crafts experiences. The Snow Globe, for instance, transports visitors into a world of winter magic, complete with a Christmas mini-market and Santa’s Magical VR Sleigh Ride, offering a panoramic view of the North Pole. 

The Reindeer Village, illuminated and brought to life by Rudolph, offers a festive playground and dining experience amidst the vibrant decorations.

Activities and entertainment are at the heart of the Christmasland experience, with a plethora of options to immerse in the festive spirit. From the Claus Christmas Show at the Cloud Theatre to the interactive and magical journey through Santa’s Workshop, each activity is meticulously designed to offer unique, joyful experiences for every member of the family.

Moreover, the resort ensures that the festive spirit permeates every corner, with themed areas like the Toy Factory and Elf Lagoon, each offering its own set of unique, festive experiences. Whether it’s playing amidst the toys aplenty at the Toy Factory or making a splash in the tinsel-adorned Elf Lagoon, the merriment is boundless and infectious.

Complimentary festive events like the Jingle Jive, Polar Postal, and Christmas Countdown add an extra layer of excitement and engagement throughout the stay. 

These spontaneous activities, including the Snow Storm and Christmas letter writing, are sprinkled across the resort, ensuring that the festive spirit is ever-present and ever-surprising during the spectacular Christmasland period.

The resort also offers specific Christmasland breaks, providing options for guests to spend Christmas Day and the entire holiday season enveloped in the festive charm of Bluestone. With various short breaks and holiday packages, guests can tailor their stay to ensure a merry and bright holiday experience that suits their preferences and desires.

Bluestone’s Christmasland doesn’t merely stand out for its activities and themed environments; it’s the meticulous attention to detail, the infusion of festive spirit into every nook and cranny, and the commitment to crafting memorable experiences that distinguish it in the holiday market. 

From the initial welcome to the final farewell, the resort ensures a seamless, enchanting experience for all.

The value proposition extends beyond mere activities, embedding itself into the very essence of the experiences crafted. 

The pricing, starting from £18pp a night, is not merely a rate but an investment into memories, joy, and festive enchantment, providing a comprehensive, value-rich experience that extends beyond the tangible into the realm of the unforgettable.


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