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Dartmoor Preservation Association Relaunches “Moor Boots” Scheme for Outdoor Accessibility

The Dartmoor Preservation Association (DPA) has announced the relaunch of its “Moor Boots” grant scheme, initially established as part of the “Moor than Meets the Eye” landscape partnership. 

Aimed at dismantling financial hurdles that prevent young students from experiencing outdoor activities, the scheme saw significant success in its inaugural years, 2018-2019, and is poised for a broader impact in its current iteration.

In an effort to expand its reach, the DPA has collaborated with organizers of the Ten Tors and Jubilee Challenge, both cornerstone events in the region that test the mettle and resilience of young adventurers. 

This year, “Moor Boots” is set to support a more extensive cohort, focusing on meeting the diverse needs of various teams across the region, as reported by the Tavistock Times Gazette.

Tom Usher, CEO of the DPA, underscores the vital role of outdoor challenges like the Ten Tors in instilling a deep-seated appreciation for Dartmoor and national parks more broadly among the youth. 

The Ten Tors Challenge, known for its rigorous demands, entails a multi-day hike across Dartmoor, undertaken without supervision. This event, alongside the Jubilee Challenge—which is tailored to young people aged 14 to 21 with complex needs—highlights the spectrum of outdoor experiences facilitated by the DPA’s initiatives.

To support participation in these events, the DPA has implemented a thorough grant application process, resulting in the provision of high-quality camping equipment for approximately 50 young individuals from 11 different organizations. 

Usher specifically notes the prohibitive cost of outdoor equipment as a significant barrier to participation. The “Moor Boots” scheme, therefore, represents a critical intervention, enabling students to surmount financial obstacles and engage fully with the outdoor experiences offered by Dartmoor. 

“Having financial support for kit can make a huge difference in enabling students to access the outdoors and engage positively with the environment,” Usher explains, highlighting the transformative potential of the scheme for individual participants and their communities.

The relaunch of “Moor Boots” signifies the DPA’s ongoing commitment to inclusivity and accessibility in outdoor adventures. By providing financial assistance for essential gear, the scheme not only facilitates engagement with the challenging and enriching activities of the Ten Tors and Jubilee Challenge but also fosters personal growth, resilience, and a lifelong connection to the natural world.

As the Dartmoor Preservation Association moves forward with the “Moor Boots” scheme, its efforts to make the beauty and challenge of Dartmoor accessible to all young adventurers serve as a beacon for the importance of outdoor education and the cultivation of environmental stewardship among the next generation.

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Devon River
Devon River
April 1, 2024 3:34 pm

I just heard about the Moor Boots grant scheme relaunch by the Dartmoor Preservation Association! It’s awesome how they’re offering training, workshops, and guided excursions for young outdoor enthusiasts. I’m thrilled about the opportunities this will create to connect with Dartmoor’s beauty and conservation efforts!

April 2, 2024 7:07 am
Reply to  Devon River

Exploring Dartmoor is like unwrapping a present every time. The Moor Boots scheme brings that excitement to life! Can’t wait for all the adventures ahead!

April 2, 2024 2:28 am
Reply to  Devon River

Totally excited about the Moor Boots relaunch! It’s fantastic how they’re supporting young outdoor lovers with training and guided trips. It’s a great way to explore Dartmoor’s beauty and conservation efforts. Imagine trekking through the moors with new friends. what an adventure!

Laura Martin
Laura Martin
April 2, 2024 10:28 am

Isn’t it cool that the Moor Boots grant scheme is not just about camping gear? It’s also about mentoring students, helping them grow and develop outdoor skills. Plus, adding sustainability workshops during adventures is a fantastic idea to nurture a love for Dartmoor and its preservation. So awesome!

Elizabeth King
Elizabeth King
April 2, 2024 1:19 pm
Reply to  Laura Martin

I appreciate your positive outlook on the initiative. It’s impressive that the Moor Boots grant scheme extends beyond camping gear, catering to a wider range of outdoor accessibility needs. The initiative truly embodies a comprehensive approach to enhancing outdoor experiences for all. Perhaps exploring similar schemes in other regions could further promote outdoor accessibility.

April 2, 2024 1:48 pm

I’m really excited about the Moor Boots grant program relaunch! It’s awesome to see how it supports young students and encourages environmental stewardship in Dartmoor. The collaboration with Ten Tors and Jubilee Challenge events is a fantastic way to bring people together and appreciate the beauty of Dartmoor.


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