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Camplify Promotes UK Road Trip To Save Money And Time

Camplify, an RV peer-to-peer rental platform, has highlighted the time and cost saved on a road trip in the United Kingdom.

The company analyzed the cost and travel time spent on a week-long package holiday abroad compared to a week of break inside the country. It found that a road-tripper can save over £1,000 when traveling locally.

“While there will always be a need for the trusted package holiday, many holidaymakers are wanting to sample something new and exciting for their next summer getaway – especially as airport chaos is expected to ramp up as schools finish for summer,” said Camplify Marketing Manager Claire James.

“Road trips and leisure vehicle holidays have been soaring in popularity since the start of the year and offer holidaymakers the opportunity to take to the open road and live by their own itinerary – at a more affordable price than many package holidays.”

The rental platform priced three seven-day package holidays in other countries, basing it on two adults and two children arriving in July 2022 from a London airport, according to a report.

It found that a trip to La Palma costs £524 per person and a travel time of 4h 23m; Tenerife costs £534 per person and a travel time of 4h 20m travel time; Gran Canaria costs £515 per person and a travel time of 4h 30m travel time.

Camplify then compared this with three seven-day UK road trips based on departure from the central point of the UK and including the fuel price.

It found that a trip to Weymouth costs£192 per person and a travel time of 3h 13m travel time, Norfolk costs £157.50 per person and a travel time of 2h 27m travel time, and Yorkshire costs £175 per person and a travel time of 2h 17m travel time.

“If holidaymakers get the itch to explore whilst overseas, car hire adds a significant expense on top of their accommodation and flights, whereas with a campervan or motorhome, all of that is included within the price. With campervans and motorhomes available from as little as £65 per day, holidaymakers can find a whole collection of options to meet a range of budgets and needs,” James said.

The cheapest of the overseas holidays was Gran Canaria, which still came in at a cost 168% higher than Weymouth, the most expensive spot for UK road trippers included in Camplify’s research.

This article originally appeared on Out & About Live.


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