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Britannia Commemorates 40th Anniversary With Glamping Extravaganza

Britannia Movers International is known for its annual conferences in thrilling locations like Copenhagen, Sorrento, and Reykjavik, So for the 2021 conference, the chosen location of Peterborough was a strange one.

The event was supposed to have been held at the Westin Hotel in Malta. However, the second COVID lockdown last year forced the team organizing the event to alter their plans. Despite the many challenges surrounding COVID, Britannia decided to hold a memorable celebration in 2021, the group’s 40th-anniversary celebration. The most important thing was to create a truly unique celebration, ensure that everyone was secure, and bring in as many staff members as possible.

This brought Britannia to think of an outdoor, festival-like event, and Britfest born. Planning an event of this magnitude was no easy accomplishment. However, the Britannia team was able to complete the job within just four months despite constructing the entire site from scratch.

With that in mind, it was with perhaps some anxiety that on the 17th of September, around 120 staff members from the Britannia network made their way to the East of England Showground. But once they saw the gorgeous Bell tents and marquees, and festival banners, they quickly got eager to start the party.

The festival kicked off with craft beer tastings inside BAR Services’ dining tent, then a film screening of the film Grease at the giant LED screen that Mover Alerts and TwentyCi arranged. Food vendors served fish and chips and pie and mash on the street, and it was no surprise that the Basil Fry bar tent was a bustling spot. The evening’s entertainment included a fire-breathing show, followed by a set by the singer Melissa Rainbird. Still, the silent disco inside the IFX entertainment tent was the biggest hit of the evening. The event was so popular that the DJ was there for an extra hour since everyone was having a delightful time.

The following day’s dawn was bright and warm, and attendees enjoyed breakfasts cooked by the hosts in the sunshine while listening to the steel band at the Reason Global main stage. The venue soon became bustling with games for kids, walkabout entertainment, and plenty of music. The participants were involved in circus artistry, yoga, balloon blowing, laser shooting, and the tug of war, and that was just early in the morning.

The live music lineup was diverse enough to satisfy all tastes, including rock musicians, a sixties tribute act with the former Britannia shareholders Paul Delo, a high energy party band, and a Madness tribute band. After dinner, people who wanted to relax went for Campfire Corner – sponsored by Haywood Packaging – to enjoy warm marshmallows, toasted marshmallows, and a cozy atmosphere. However, most party-goers danced on the main stage or inside the beer tent.

The Sunday was spent on the stunning Glamping site, sponsored by the web marketing company Chillibyte. The bacon sandwiches and chill-out music were enjoyed before everyone made their way home.

Mark Tresler, Britannia Movers Managing Director, said, “We were determined not to let our 40th anniversary year pass without a true celebration of everything the Britannia family has achieved so far, and we’re pleased to have pulled it off despite all the logistical challenges. It was wonderful to see staff from all areas of the business at the event, including lots of younger team members and first-time attendees, and we’re looking forward to seeing them all again when normal conferences resume in 2022.”

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Brooke Valley
Brooke Valley
February 20, 2024 11:35 am

I heard about Britannia’s Britfest! It was such a cool blast with craft beer tastings, fire-breathing shows, and more. And get this – they even offered glamping for a unique camping experience! The sunrise yoga session on the anniversary morning was such a chill touch too. It’s awesome how they managed to pack so much fun into their 40th-anniversary celebration.

Uri Woods
Uri Woods
April 24, 2024 7:14 pm

I heard about the glamping extravaganza thrown by Britannia for its 40th anniversary. What an unforgettable experience! Britfest was so lively, with fire shows and a silent disco. It truly brought people together.


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