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Iceland’s Strategic Move: Reinstating Accommodation Tourist Tax for Sustainable Tourism

In a significant move to balance tourism growth with environmental sustainability, the Icelandic government has reinstated the pre-pandemic accommodation tourist tax. 

Effective from January 1, 2024, this tax, which had been suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic, is now back in force, impacting hotels, guesthouses, and other lodging facilities across the country. This decision marks a pivotal step in Iceland’s approach to managing its booming tourism sector while preserving its natural resources.

The tax structure is designed to be comprehensive, covering various types of accommodations and extending to cruise ship passengers. Visitors staying in hotels, guesthouses, and similar accommodations will now pay an additional €3.98 per room. 

For those opting for more rustic experiences like campsites, mobile homes, and caravans, the tax is set at €1.99, according to a report by Schengenvisa News. Furthermore, cruise ships making stops at Iceland’s ports will see an increase of €6.63, signifying the government’s commitment to a broad-based approach to tourism taxation.

The rationale behind reinstating this tax is rooted in Iceland’s commitment to sustainable tourism. The country has experienced a surge in tourist numbers in recent years, leading to concerns about over-tourism and its impact on Iceland’s pristine natural environments. 

By reintroducing this tax, the government aims to generate revenue that can be reinvested into preserving and enhancing the country’s unique landscapes and cultural heritage, ensuring that tourism remains sustainable and beneficial for future generations.

For travelers, this means an additional cost to their Icelandic adventures. While some may view this as a deterrent, it’s important to consider the broader context. 

The tax is not merely a financial imposition but a contribution towards maintaining the very attractions that draw visitors to Iceland. It’s an investment in ensuring that the country’s glaciers, geothermal springs, and rugged landscapes continue to captivate and inspire.

The tourism industry’s response to this tax has been mixed. While there are concerns about the potential impact on travel costs, many within the industry recognize the necessity of such measures.

According to a report by the NCBI, sustainable tourism is not just a buzzword but a critical requirement for destinations like Iceland, where the natural environment is integral to the tourist experience. Industry leaders are thus viewing this tax as a necessary step in ensuring the long-term viability of Iceland’s tourism sector.

Globally, the concept of tourism taxes as a sustainability financing mechanism is gaining traction. Similar to Iceland, other destinations are exploring ways to balance the economic benefits of tourism with the need to protect and sustain their natural and cultural assets. 

This global shift towards sustainable tourism practices reflects a growing awareness of the need to preserve destinations for future travelers. In Andalusia, Spain, a study on tourist taxation highlights the effectiveness of such measures in financing sustainability initiatives. 

The research, which focused on identifying tourist preferences for different taxes and fees, underscores the importance of aligning tourism strategies with sustainable development principles. This case study offers valuable insights into how tourist taxes can be structured to support sustainability goals while also considering tourist preferences.

Back in Iceland, the government’s commitment to sustainable tourism extends beyond taxation. The country has implemented various initiatives to promote responsible travel, including campaigns to educate visitors on environmental conservation and community engagement.


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