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New Study Reveals Caravanning Tourism Fueled German Economy Amid Pandemic

A study conducted by the German Institute of Economic Research for Tourism (dwif) has established the importance of motor caravan and camping tourism in the German economy. 

Last year, tourists with motor caravans added 14.1 billion euros of turnover to the domestic economy. This figure was achieved despite COVID-19, which forced travel to almost completely halt, particularly during the first half of the year.

Caravanning tourism also assisted in creating tens of thousands of jobs during one of the worst economic crises that have ever occurred in the history of the Federal Republic. Overall, German motor caravan pitches recorded over ten million overnight stays in 2020. 

This signifies that the market share of overnight stays on pitches in the total number of tourists’ overnight stays in Germany was up by more than 50 percent.

The dwif also analyzed all German regions and districts concerning the market demand for motor caravan pitches and used this data to estimate potential local motor caravan tourism.

The most significant turnover was recorded on the Moselle and Saar (23.2 million euros), Baltic Sea (16.1 million euros), Lower Rhine (14.4 million euros), in the Luneburg Heath (12.9 million euros), and the central Black Forest (11.7 million euros).

The largest proportion of motorcaravan overnight stays can be found in the following areas: Lower ElbeLower Weser (23.4 percent), Hassberge (22.6 percent), Middle Weser (18.0 percent), Franconian Lake District (16.2 percent), Werra-Meissner Land (14.9 percent), Franconian Wine Country (13.1 percent), Moselle/Saar (13.0 percent), and Thuringian Rhon (12.7 percent).

The fact that many of these regions aren’t advanced in the field of tourism indicates that areas that do not belong to the traditional holiday spots can also reap from motor caravan tourism.

The results of the most thorough research on this subject aid private and municipal investors in decision-making.

The report provides a potential guideline for assessing the necessity and potential of motorcaravan pitches.

The interested parties may also locate additional contact points and guidance on any crucial concerns regarding the operation and construction of pitches and the CIVD’s plan aid.

Researchers of three case study studies have also presented concrete examples of concepts that could be used to construct site-specific pitches in three different regions, namely Uckermark, Starnberger Seenlandschaft, and Ostfriesland.

In addition, the work of the scientists provides insight into the most successful practices in greater detail.

“The tourism industry was affected by the Corona pandemic like hardly any other industry. After months of restrictions, many citizens were looking for a way to go on holiday safely and therefore increasingly relied on camping,” says Thomas Bareiss, Member of the German Bundestag and Federal Government Commissioner for Tourism.

Innovations and targeted investments are required for the successful development of the camping industry in the future. For decision-makers in politics and business, it is important to set the right course. This study provides valuable insights,” continued the Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister of Economics.

Caravanning has proven to be a resilient form of holiday during the pandemic. In order for it to remain a strong economic driver, politics is called upon: The holiday form must be taken into account in the national tourism strategy, and the framework conditions for it must be improved. In concrete terms, this means expanding the infrastructure. Here, targeted funding programs and the reduction of bureaucratic hurdles can provide decisive impulses. This strengthens Germany as a tourism location,” adds Daniel Onggowinarso, Managing Director of the caravanning industry association CIVD.

The study is available online and can be downloaded here.


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