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Eriba Car Camper Van: Eriba’s New Venture to Attract Younger Travelers

Eriba, a renowned name in the European camping scene and a branch of the Erwin Hymer Group, has recently unveiled the Eriba Car Camper Van, marking a strategic shift to appeal to a younger demographic. This move represents the company’s effort to maintain its traditional appeal while embracing modern design and innovation.

For nearly seven decades, Eriba has been synonymous with reliable caravans characterized by outstanding quality and functionality. The Eriba Car camper van continues this legacy, combining the brand’s traditional strengths with a contemporary approach to design and functionality. 

This new model is designed to resonate with younger camping enthusiasts who value both style and practicality.

Photo courtesy of Erwin Hymer Group.

The Eriba Car is based on a modern Volkswagen Crafter 3500 van, measuring 236 inches in length. It features a dual-tone exterior that harkens back to the cult caravans of the 1960s, offering a nostalgic yet fresh appeal, according to a report by Auto Evolution.

Customers can choose from color options like Deep Ocean, Cherry Red, or Metallic Iridium Grey, reminiscent of the vibrant bicolor exterior of the Eriba Touring range.

Inside, the camper van balances practicality with luxury. The layout includes a rear bed on a raised foldaway platform, a kitchenette on the passenger side, a wet bathroom on the driver’s side, and a dining/lounge area up front. 

Photo courtesy of Erwin Hymer Group.

The interior design integrates color with Deep Ocean furniture pieces and panels, complemented by natural-colored benchtops, surfaces, and soft-touch paneling. The lighting system, a small skylight, and light-colored yacht-effect flooring contribute to a bright and inviting interior atmosphere.

The living space in the Eriba Car starts right up front with a cozy lounge/dining area, comprising swiveling driver and passenger seats, a table with an extension mechanism, and a two-seat rear passenger bench. The wet bathroom includes a standard shower, toilet, sink, vanity mirror, and towel rail, with a fold-out washbasin for added space efficiency.

Photo courtesy of Erwin Hymer Group.

The kitchenette is equipped with a dual-burner gas stove, a sink, and a pull-out 90-liter refrigerator. The limited counter space is supplemented by a nearby fold-out dining table, useful for meal preparation. The rear sleeping space features a comfortable sprung mattress and various overhead storage cabinets.

Photo courtesy of Erwin Hymer Group.

Storage solutions are a highlight of the Eriba Car, with the bed platform incorporating units on the sides and additional overhead lockers at the front of the van. For comfort, the camper comes standard with heat and hot water, an “Air Care Climatronic” automatic air conditioning system, a 95-Ah AGM leisure battery, and a 100-L fresh water tank.

Photo courtesy of Erwin Hymer Group.

The Eriba Car camper van made its debut at the CMT Stuttgart show and is set to be available from European dealers this spring. Priced at a base of €74,900 (around US $81,400), it is positioned to attract a market segment that values both the heritage of the Eriba brand and the conveniences of modern motorhome design.

The launch of the Eriba Car camper van signifies Eriba’s commitment to evolving with the times and expanding its appeal to a new generation of travelers. This strategic move showcases the brand’s ability to adapt to changing market demands while staying true to its core values of quality and functionality.

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May 4, 2024 2:10 pm

The Eriba Car Camper Van is like the trendsetter of the campground, rocking retro vibes and cozy charm. It’s the cool kid everyone wants to road trip with!

May 24, 2024 4:09 pm

Isn’t it cool that the Eriba Car camper van blends quality with modern design? The van’s got solar panels for eco-friendly energy and a smart control system. Plus, you can customize it to fit your style. It’s like having your own personalized cozy home on wheels for epic adventures!


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