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Camping Revolution: Homecamper Offers a Sustainable and Authentic Experience for Outdoors Enthusiasts

The popularity of camping, caravanning, and other outdoor activities has been skyrocketing in recent years, with millions of people going on trips every year to experience and witness the beauty of the great outdoors.

Along with the growing popularity, the outdoor hospitality industry has also seen exciting innovations in how its players provide their services to improve the experience of campers and tourists.

Here enters Homecamper, shaking things up in the camping industry by providing a sustainable and authentic alternative to traditional camping. 

Photo courtesy of Homecamper.

The company offers a unique experience by connecting travelers with hosts who have interesting sites from backyards to entire farms and are aiming to provide a more authentic and sustainable way to experience nature away from mass tourism.

Homecamper aims to provide campers and other outdoor enthusiasts with a one-of-a-kind experience by offering them a wider range of accommodation options.

Founder & CEO Etienne de Galbert. Photo courtesy of Homecamper.

“We are aiming to provide unique spots that are not typically found on other vacation rental platforms. This includes private land, backyards, and farms, which offer a more authentic, high-quality & safe camping experience. We promote sustainable tourism by connecting guests with local hosts and encouraging a low-impact way of traveling,” said Homecamper Founder & CEO Etienne de Galbert in an interview with Modern Campground.

Ensuring Safe & Quality Listings for Travelers

Homecamper has experienced a diverse range of travelers exploring and booking a listing on their platform, like young, budget-conscious, adventurous backpackers; families looking for comfort, convenience, and family-friendly outdoor activities; and retirees with campervans.

“[W]e have several guests who loved their HomeCamper experience so much that they also became hosts. A handful of them are now part of our SuperCamps with amazing spots and are earning four figures per year just by renting their spots,” said de Galbert.

The platform uses a verification process on all accommodations listed on its platform, requiring hosts to go through a procedure to avoid fraud, such as creating an account on the platform, submitting their spot and its other details for consideration, and submitting their ID for verification and listing review.

The company also has a review system for guests to rate and provide feedback on their experience, allowing other campers to make informed decisions on choosing accommodation, as well as helping the platform to identify possible issues and take necessary actions.

Photo courtesy of Homecamper.

In terms of payment, Homecamper uses a secure online payment system for guests, who can settle their expenses, which include booking costs and service fees, using a credit or debit card. 

They also have a payment protection system, guaranteeing the payment is held securely until the end of the guest’s stay. It means hosts will only receive the payment after their guest has checked out. The platform also offers insurance for hosts and guests in their market in France, which they are also working on the way to implement for their other strong markets.

Since Homecamper accommodates a wide range of travelers, they have also set up different channels, such as an online support center, email support, and phone support for their guests and hosts to reach them easily. 

They also didn’t leave international tourists out since they have set up a support system to accommodate global travelers, like connecting them with local hosts, language support, and a payment system that can accept multiple currencies.


The listing of experienced hosts, who provide authentic and safe experiences for their guests, will also get a chance to become SuperCamps, each with their own unique touch and personality. A badge will also be automatically displayed on their listing and profile for easy identification.

An airfield in Ku╠êhndorf Germany, one of the platform’s Supercamps. Photo courtesy of Homecamper.

“Hosts commit to meeting the requirements of the HomeCamper quality charter and to abide by the values we hold dear: Hospitality, sharing, impeccable welcome, and respect. Their goal is to meet new people and enjoy hosting in addition to earning extra income. Guests receive a reply in less than 24 hours,” said de Galbert.

He said many of their SuperCamp hosts favor ecological solutions, as well as embody the role of a trailblazer and an ambassador in their region for the platform’s mission.

Promoting Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Tourism

One of the reasons that make Homecamper a unique platform is its mission to promote sustainable tourism by connecting with hosts and guests, encouraging them to stay in one place that will allow them to interact with the local community.

By promoting this kind of tourism, the negative environmental impact of tourism will be greatly reduced since it minimizes travel while helping the local economy of communities.

A private peninsula, one of the Supercamps. Photo courtesy of Homecamper.

“Together with our partners, we are also offering our hosts to equip them with more sustainable facilities such as composting toilets, solar-powered showers, recycling, and other eco-friendly features,” said de Galbert.

“We are also encouraging our guests to adopt eco-friendly practices such as reducing energy consumption, recycling, and protecting the environment during their stay by providing information and guidelines.”

Additionally, Homecamper partners with organizations and companies that share their goal of promoting sustainable and responsible tourism. De Galbert also said they ensure that the people within the company embody these values.

Challenges, Future Developments & Expansion Plans

As a young platform, Homecamper has seen some challenges in its journey to becoming a leading player in the vacation rental industry. They have to compete against competition with a well-established reputation. 

So, to overcome this challenge, they focused on offering unique value-proposition to hosts and guests, addressing security concerns, and further marketing their brand by using various channels.

Some of the Homecamper Team. Photo courtesy of Homecamper.

Their efforts to build its brand and services did bear the fruit of their labor, as the company saw explosive growth in 2021 with a 275% increase. In 2022, their growth continued with an increase of 42%.

Homecamper’s global revenue experienced a strong boost, with a growth of 220% compared to the last quarter of 2021. More so, they saw an increase in their number of listings, rising by 78% year-to-year compared to the last quarter of 2021.

Despite its amazing rise in the past couple of years, Homecamper continues to look for more opportunities, expand its offerings, and penetrate new markets. They plan to further improve their platform optimizations and app updates, increase brand awareness, add more spots, and create new features to improve their user experience.

“We are also always looking for ways to expand our partnerships and collaborations with other companies and organizations to increase visibility and reach,” said de Galbert.

Revolutionizing the Outdoor Hospitality Industry

Homecamper can be considered an innovative and revolutionary player in the industry with its unique listings and experiences for travelers of all ages and backgrounds. 

With its mission to promote sustainable tourism and commitment to eco-friendly solutions, it could create a great positive impact on many communities. The platform’s potential to provide a one-of-a-kind camping and glamping experience would surely excite many travelers around the world.

To learn more about this platform, visit https://www.homecamper.com/.

Featured image from Homecamper.

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April 8, 2024 11:35 pm

Isn’t it amazing how Homecamper offers various camping spots, from tranquil countryside to scenic coastal areas for your next adventure! SuperCamps bring unique experiences, making hosts and guests happy campers!


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