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Decline of Cyprus Campsites Spurs Call for Tourism Promotion

As summer approaches, camping enthusiasts in Cyprus are preparing to head to the mountains to escape the heat and humidity of the cities. However, those planning to visit the Troodos camping site will find that conditions have not improved since last year, with the site remaining unchanged and neglected by responsible authorities.

Cyprus’ largest camping site, nestled within the lush pine forest of the Troodos National Forest Park, continues to face problems and understaffing. 

This site, capable of accommodating around 170 tents or caravans, is managed by the Troodos Community Council, which includes the Limassol District Administration, the Forestry Department, the Deputy Ministry of Tourism, and the Town Planning Department. Despite its potential, the site operates only during the three summer months, limiting its use to a short period.

This year, there is increased interest in camping due to rising electricity and fuel prices, leading many to opt for low-cost vacation alternatives within their own country. Yet, despite this heightened demand, the Troodos camping site and other similar facilities continue to operate with outdated standards, far behind their counterparts abroad.

The Troodos Tourism Development and Promotion Company has long been advocating for the modernization and proper promotion of these camping sites, as reported by Philenews.

They emphasize the unique value of camping as a tourism product, offering a low-cost, nature-focused holiday experience that appeals to a wide range of visitors. However, this potential remains untapped due to the lack of attention from the state and the Deputy Ministry of Tourism.

Managed sites like Kampi tou Kalogyrou in Prodromos and Platania, also within the Troodos area, face similar challenges. These sites, run by the Forestry Department, provide scenic and serene camping options but suffer from the same neglect and lack of investment.

According to the Cyprus Tourism Organization, there has been a growing interest in nature-based tourism, yet the infrastructure and facilities have not kept pace with this demand. Proper infrastructure, consistent operation beyond just the summer months, and targeted marketing to organized groups, particularly young people, are essential steps to address these issues.

The current state of the Troodos camping site, described by campers as a green paradise with cool temperatures reminiscent of November, highlights the missed opportunities. With the right investment and promotion, this site could become a premier destination for both local and international visitors looking for an alternative to traditional tourism.

The Deputy Ministry of Tourism and other responsible bodies have been urged to take these issues seriously. Modernizing the facilities and promoting camping as a viable and attractive holiday option could significantly boost local tourism and provide economic benefits to the surrounding communities.

As the summer season begins, the hope is that authorities will finally address the long-standing issues plaguing Cyprus’ camping sites. By doing so, they can transform these underutilized natural assets into thriving hubs of alternative tourism, providing memorable experiences for campers and supporting the local economy.

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