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Wild Energy Enters Canada’s Outdoor Hospitality Scene with Innovative Solutions

In a development for the Canadian outdoor hospitality industry, Wild Energy, a provider of utility sub-metering and monitoring solutions, has announced its expansion into the Canadian market. This move is set to revolutionize the way over 4,000 campgrounds in Canada manage their energy needs.

Since 2019, Wild Energy has been a pioneer in the United States, offering innovative utility management solutions tailored for the outdoor hospitality sector. The company’s strategic partnership with Jesstec, a Canadian energy sector veteran with over 40 years of experience, marks a new chapter in their journey. 

This collaboration is a blend of Jesstec’s deep market understanding and Wild Energy’s technological prowess, aiming to enhance campground operations while promoting sustainable practices.

Mike Sorensen, president and CEO of Wild Energy, in a press release expressed his enthusiasm about the expansion: “Wild Energy is thrilled to provide our services and technology to the Canadian outdoor hospitality market. We’ve been working closely with Jesstec and Aclara to prepare for our launch into the Canadian market and are ready to go! This will be a game changer for campgrounds throughout Canada.  Jesstec has offices across Canada and will help us service the entire market efficiently and effectively.”

The entry of Wild Energy into Canada is not just a business expansion but a transformative step for campground and RV park owners. The company’s custom solutions are designed to align with the unique requirements of the Canadian market. These solutions focus on optimizing profitability and cash flow for campground owners, especially in the face of rising energy costs and the increasing electrification of amenities.

A notable feature of Wild Energy’s offering is the smart meter technology, which the company said has proven to reduce overall energy usage by approximately 35%. This reduction not only eases the strain on the electrical grid but also minimizes environmental impact, aligning with global sustainability goals.

Moreover, Wild Energy said that its technology enhances the camper experience. Advanced features like seamless billing, guest portals for energy usage monitoring, and reliable energy supply, promise a comfortable and eco-friendly stay for campers.

Scott Borland of Jesstec Industries Inc. shared his views on the collaboration: “We are delighted to kick start this transformative journey with Wild Energy.”

He further said: “This collaboration brings together Jesstec’s decades of expertise and Wild Energy’s cutting-edge technology solutions, delivering a new era in energy management for the Canadian outdoor hospitality sector.”

This expansion is a testament to Wild Energy’s commitment to addressing the challenges of rising energy and water resource costs while promoting utility conservation. As the company makes its foray into the Canadian market, it stands poised to redefine energy management in the outdoor hospitality industry.

“Together, we are dedicated to empowering businesses with innovative technology that meets the challenges of today, reduces energy-driven margin compression, and paves the way for a sustainable and efficient future.”

For more information about Wild Energy and its innovative solutions, visit www.wildenergyco.com. To learn more about Jesstec Industries Inc. and its role in advancing energy efficiency in Canada, visit their website.

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Jessica Phillips
Jessica Phillips
May 7, 2024 12:08 pm

Did you hear about Wild Energy’s cool partnership with Jesstec? They’re bringing renewable energy like solar panels and wind turbines to campgrounds, making them more eco-friendly. Plus, they’re training staff to be energy-efficient. It’s awesome to see companies stepping up for sustainability in outdoor hospitality!


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