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Creekside RNR Glamping Resort Opens Zen Center, to Add Spa and Mirror Cabins

If you’re from New Brunswick and the high gas prices have pushed you to cancel your cruise or international vacation, you can still travel and seize the summer right in the province. Escape the stresses of life and glamp away at Creekside RNR for a well-deserved “me time” in the Zen Center and soon the spa and mirror cabins.

“We just opened that (Zen Center) two weeks ago and people are just loving coming there,” Co-Founder Angele Miller told Modern Campground.

Photo courtesy of Creekside RNR

The Zen Center serves as a quiet retreat for peace seekers to fully enjoy yoga and meditation. Getting to the open-air structure is an experience as it requires a walk down a path before reaching the secluded location deep within the woods of the 22-acre property. 

Surrounded by trees and tranquility, guests can immerse themselves in nature—inhaling fresh air, listening to rustling leaves, and hearing chirping birds.

They can also choose workouts or attend one of Creekside Zen Center’s guided classes.

In addition to the yoga and meditation spot, Creekside RNR is building La Nordique de la Vie, an on-site Nordic spa. The facility will feature a big red cedar sauna, three red cedar hot tubs, a cold pool, and a cold shower.

Miller also shared that they are putting a firepit, hammocks, outdoor furniture, and a screened-in lounging area.

“And it’s all in a nature wood setting […] and you can really enjoy a more intimate experience of the Nordic experience,” she said, adding glampers can also enjoy different types of herbal teas and coffee if they want a drink to go with their relaxation.

Photo courtesy of Creekside RNR

Described as “breathtakingly beautiful” by its guests, Creekside offers undisturbed requiescence through its geodesic domes. The glamping resort has five nestled on the property, but will soon add two mirror cabins in October.

Each mirror cabin will provide a glamping experience like no other.

The resort is serving only the best outdoor accommodation experience with each modern structure featuring a private star gazing dome, red cedar hot tub, private firepit, and barbecue pit. The mirror cabins, as the name suggests, each sport a reflective exterior that amplifies the glamping experience.

“[I]t’s a full immersive experience to really even elevate that experience in nature. And that’s what we’re trying to create,” Angele Miller said. “[I]t’s all windows inside so you can see everything outside and it’s really nice. But when you’re outside you only see the mirror. So you only see the reflection of nature,” she added.

Photo courtesy of Creekside RNR

Another accommodation option guests can enjoy is an elevated tree tent. This is ideal for those who want a camping tent experience, but with a little bit more privacy, Miller said. Outside will be a fire pit as well as a screened-in gazebo and picnic table.

Even when the glamping structures are enough to provide an unforgettable getaway, the property is not only good for staycations, but also for outdoor recreation. Glampers can find fun right on the creek and take Creekside’s canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards for some water fun. 

Photo courtesy of Creekside RNR

Furthermore, those who want to adventure on the trails can go fat biking, or, during the winter months, go snowshoeing.

On-site, glampers can roast s’mores and also test their luck with the horseshoe pits.

Photo courtesy of Creekside RNR

The Local Area

Cocagne, the area where the glamping resort is situated, is the perfect respite for lovers of nature and relaxation. Little as the coastal town may be, it’s a big hit among tourists as the region boasts the freshest seafood and the most pristine beaches.

Photo courtesy of Creekside RNR

Creekside RNR’s location is by the creekside that connects to the ocean.

“So we thought it was the perfect place to put the domes and kind offer a nature kind of glamping experience where you can come and really be in nature, but also have all of the amenities that people are kind of used to when they go to a hotel or resort,” Miller told Modern Campground.

As mentioned, various seafood can be found in the area, and the glamping resort is all for supporting local businesses. The food Creekside serves are all sourced from local farmers and businesses who provide oysters, meat, apple cider, honey, and more.

High gas prices have caused many people to cancel their trips, but there is still a way for you to enjoy the summer right in New Brunswick. For a one-of-a-kind experience in Atlantic Canada, don’t miss out on Creekside RNR.

To learn more, visit https://www.creeksidernr.com/.

Featured image from Creekside RNR.

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March 16, 2024 2:54 pm

I’m curious about the new additions at Creekside RNR Glamping Resort! 🤔 Exciting to see what’s next. Maybe unique activities or themed dining? 🌿


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