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Manitoba Gov’t Offers Free Provincial Park Admission Next Week

Manitoba’s (Canada) provincial government is swinging the doors wide open to all provincial parks for a full week in mid-July, including the celebratory weekend of Canada’s Parks Day. Greg Nesbitt, the Minister of Natural Resources and Northern Development, made the exciting announcement earlier today.

Repeating this initiative for the third consecutive year, the government is keen to remove cost as an obstacle to park visitation. 

“For the third year in a row, our government is providing week-long free provincial park access to coincide with Canada’s Parks Day,” said Nesbitt. “This initiative allows all Manitobans to enjoy our parks’ extraordinary natural beauty, intriguing historical sites, and diverse recreational activities.”

The free-access week, spanning from July 10 to 16 includes the abolishment of the need for vehicle permits. 

However, overnight camping fees will remain, as will entrance fees to national parks. The minister added that Manitoba’s provincial park entry fees are among the most affordable in the nation, and the government’s continued commitment to free park access during select times of the year further demonstrates their desire to ensure park accessibility for all.

This initiative is expected to significantly stimulate Manitoba’s outdoor recreation industry. Inviting residents and visitors alike to experience the parks for free encourages not only increased patronage of the parks but also a potential uptick in associated outdoor activities. 

This may result in increased purchases of camping gear, hiking equipment, outdoor clothing, and other related items. Local businesses such as campgrounds and RV parks stand to benefit from the heightened influx of park visitors, which in turn supports the economy and underscores the importance of Manitoba’s rich outdoor offerings.

A calendar of complimentary interpretive events is part of the initiative’s charm, with guided hikes, historical tours, and captivating campfire talks scheduled. 

The weekend of Canada’s Parks Day on July 15 will be specially marked with an array of events organized across several campgrounds. 

The government has also issued a set of guidelines for campers and visitors to ensure the protection of the provincial parks. The rules emphasize maintaining clean campsites, securely storing food and other attractants, keeping pets leashed, and adhering strictly to campfire restrictions.

An urgent note of caution was also given concerning the confirmed presence of the emerald ash borer in Winnipeg.

This has necessitated a ban on firewood transport outside the city, with potential fines reaching up to CA$1,300 for individuals and CA$15,000 for businesses. Firewood can be purchased from local retailers at most campgrounds.

For more information, visit www.facebook.com/MBGovParks


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