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WorkSafe BC Incident Investigation Reports Now Online

Employers in British Columbia can now complete and submit an employer incident investigation report (EIIRs) online, as per WorkSafe BC, a workers’ compensation agency in the Canadian province.

The new EIIR application can be accessed through the WorkSafe BC online services account and allows employers to create reports at various stages of an investigation, pre-populate information from one report to another, save a partially completed report, and view previously submitted reports.

Its availability online can help with employers’ health and safety planning by enabling them to view incident investigations history and track their progress on corrective actions taken.

Business owners can now easily access an incident investigation report through the online platform to see what actions are still required and what they must do to comply. People in respective organizations who can act in compliance with orders can also be granted access to the incident reports.

According to WorkSafe BC, EIIRs play a crucial role in maintaining the safety of workplaces by helping investigate why an incident happened and determining the steps that can be done to prevent similar situations in the future.

Under the Workers Compensation Act, employers have the responsibility to investigate certain incidents or near-misses in the workplace and complete reports at specific points in the process.

Section 69 of the Workers Compensation Act dictates that incidents requiring an immediate investigation often relate to serious injury to a worker or a worker’s death; injury requiring medical treatment; minor injury, or no injury but had the potential for causing serious injury; major structural failure or collapse; and more.

Employers can document reports in many formats. Some use WorkSafe BC’s fillable PDF templates and resources to complete their EIIRs. Now, they can complete reports online.

WorkSafe BC is an organization established by provincial legislation as an agency with the mandate to oversee a no-fault insurance system for the workplace. The group was established to help eliminate injury, disease, and death in the workplace. 

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April 1, 2024 5:29 am

Great news for BC employers! The new online system for submitting incident reports via WorkSafe BC makes safety tracking and compliance a breeze. Easily manage corrective actions and stay on top of compliance steps!

Christopher Green
Christopher Green
April 5, 2024 5:27 pm

Have you heard about the cool new online tool for BC employers? It can help us track incidents and make sure our workplaces are safe. Let’s use it to stay ahead!


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