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New Animation Campaign Marks Camper’s Code’s Second Anniversary

Two years ago, the Camper’s Code was born with a mission—to promote responsible camping through a simple yet powerful set of guidelines. As it ushers in its second year, the initiative is taking an innovative approach to celebrating this milestone. Drawing on humor and creativity, the Camper’s Code is all set to introduce an engaging animation series using Instagram Reels.

Camper’s Code has garnered significant attention since its launch in 2021, with more than 2,500 outdoor enthusiasts taking an online pledge to abide by the nine essential principles of responsible camping. These principles range from planning ahead to respecting wildlife, and from practicing fire safety to storing food safely.

Image courtesy of Camper’s Code

Jamie Cox, president of the BC Lodging and Campgrounds Association (BCLCA), believes that humor and education can go hand in hand. 

“The goal of the Camper’s Code is to build more awareness about desired camper behaviours, educate new campers on acceptable behaviours, and to promote the sustainability of British Columbia as a destination for future generations to enjoy,” Cox said.

In order to maintain the momentum of the campaign, the Camper’s Code has designed a cheeky animation series. This series aims to inspire a sense of shared responsibility and understanding of appropriate behavior among its viewers. 

Shared via Instagram reels, these animations would humorously reinforce the nine simple rules and the necessity to follow them for a better camping experience.

The animation series will be rolled out on a weekly basis, with each episode focusing on a single rule from the Camper’s Code. 

The series launched today, May 18, on the Camper’s Code Instagram and Facebook pages, and also on their partner platforms. The first in line? The principle of “Plan Ahead and be Prepared”.

Private campground owners and operators play a crucial role in the Camper’s Code initiative. They are not only in a unique position to promote these principles among their guests but also stand to benefit from increased awareness and adherence to responsible camping guidelines. By doing so, they can contribute to an improved camping experience for all and help ensure the sustainability of their businesses for years to come.

The initiative has also benefited from the support of a wide array of collaborating partners. These include the Camping and RV BC Coalition, BC Parks, Parks Canada, BC Lodging & Campgrounds Association, and many others. Together, they are leveraging their resources and expertise to maximize the reach of the Camper’s Code and its positive impact on the camping community.

As the Camper’s Code turns two, it stands as an example of how humor, creativity, and responsibility can unite to make a positive impact. It invites all nature lovers and explorers to join in their pledge for sustainable and responsible camping. 

Ready to become a responsible camper? Join the pledge for a sustainable future at camperscode.com.


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