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British Columbia Expands Five Provincial Parks, Enhancing Outdoor Recreation Industry

In a significant move to bolster outdoor recreation and conservation, the British Columbia (Canada) government has announced the expansion of five provincial parks. This strategic acquisition marks a notable step in enhancing the province’s natural landscape and recreational offerings.

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy, in a media statement released Tuesday, detailed the government’s initiative. This expansion aligns with British Columbia’s ongoing efforts to preserve ecologically and culturally significant land, while simultaneously improving public access to outdoor recreational experiences.

Environment Minister George Heyman underscored the government’s commitment. Our government continually looks for opportunities to acquire more ecologically and culturally significant land for conservation purposes, and for people to enjoy,” Heyman said. He further highlighted the dual benefit of these acquisitions, noting their role in protecting vital ecosystems and wildlife habitats, as well as enhancing outdoor recreation.

Financially, the expansion represents an investment of about CA$1.9 million. The B.C. Parks Foundation played a crucial role in facilitating these acquisitions, reflecting a collaborative approach to environmental stewardship and public recreation enhancement.

The largest of these acquisitions is a 64-hectare parcel of old-growth forest on Haida Gwaii, earmarked for Naikoon Park. This addition is particularly significant, given the ecological value of old-growth forests in maintaining biodiversity and ecological balance.

In the Interior of British Columbia, Wells Gray Park will see an addition of over 33 hectares, comprising wetland and second-growth forest. This expansion not only enhances the park’s ecological diversity but also offers new areas for visitors to explore.

Gladstone Park, another beneficiary of this initiative, will incorporate over eight hectares, including the popular potholes swimming area. This addition is expected to boost the park’s appeal, particularly among families and swimming enthusiasts.

Other expansions include a three-hectare addition of forested hillside to Bowron Lake Park, renowned for its canoe circuit. Additionally, Mount Pope Park will see a strategic expansion of 0.15 hectares, aimed at connecting a climbing area to a planned parking lot, thereby improving accessibility for outdoor enthusiasts.

The government’s approach includes consulting with First Nations governments, ensuring that the expansion of parks and protected areas aligns with indigenous perspectives and rights. This consultation process is integral to the legal establishment of these lands as part of the provincial park system.

British Columbia’s commitment to outdoor recreation and conservation is evident in its vast network of protected areas. The province currently boasts 1,039 provincial parks, recreation areas, conservancies, ecological reserves, and protected areas, collectively covering more than 14 million hectares. This accounts for approximately 14.4% of the province’s land base.

The expansion of these five provincial parks not only enhances the natural beauty and ecological integrity of British Columbia but also bolsters the province’s outdoor recreation industry. By increasing access to diverse landscapes and recreational opportunities, the government is fostering a sustainable and vibrant outdoor recreation sector, crucial for the province’s economic and environmental well-being.


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