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News for November 29, 2023

Glampitect North America, Alberta-Based NovaDome Announce Partnership

In a LinkedIn post, Glampitect North America and NovaDome, a supplier of high-quality glamping domes, announced a partnership that will help glamping owners and aspiring glamping businesses to have a boost in the industry. 

“We’re delighted to announce our latest manufacturer partnership. Headquartered in Alberta, NovaDome supplies some of the toughest glamping domes on the market. Using military building techniques, these stunning domes are built to thrive in all climates,” Glampitect North America’s LinkedIn post indicated. 

As the glamping industry grows, partnering with industry key players is crucial to provide customers with the best experience possible. 

By working together, glamping owners, suppliers, and manufacturers can share resources, knowledge, and best practices to create a more diverse and enjoyable guest experience and drive innovation and growth within the industry.

Alberta-based NovaDome, in a LinkedIn post, highlighted that the collaboration with Glampitect will allow glamping businesses to have a smoother journey into the glamping industry. 

“When we said 2023 was going to be a big year for NovaDome, we weren’t messing around. We are very excited to announce our official partnership with Glampitect North America. Joining forces with Glampitect allows us to streamline the process of getting your glamping project up and running by minimizing the typical hurdles that come with starting a glamping business. From zoning screening to feasibility studies to site design and permitting, we’ve got you covered every step of the way,” NovaDome stated. 

As per its website, NovaDome features the world’s most unique, affordable, and long-lasting dome shelter. NovaDome designs, builds, supplies, and ships shelters worldwide, giving everyone access to the exclusive NovaDome experience. 

NovaDome’s unique shape and fiberglass construction offer a one-of-a-kind shelter solution that is long-lasting, eco-friendly, versatile, portable, easily assembled, low maintenance, and virtually indestructible.

North America’s thriving glamping industry

In an exclusive e-mail interview, Glampitect North America’s Managing Director Nick Purslow talked about the partnership and what lies ahead for Glampitect North America this year.

According to Purslow, NovaDome’s commitment to serving clients and creating top-notch glamping destinations and its understanding of the complex permitting process was a key factor in the partnership.

“We’re always looking to partner with great people in the industry, and NovaDome checked that box. As soon as we met the team at NovaDome, we got the sense that they care about serving the clients and creating great glamping destinations. They also understood the importance of the permitting process and were delighted to partner up with us so we can take their customers through the complex zoning and permitting process,” Purslow said. 

One aspect of the partnership that Purslow is particularly excited about is the opportunity to collaborate and support each other’s customers. 

According to Purslow, Glampitect North America’s clients often seek recommendations for dome suppliers, and the company is thrilled to now include NovaDome among their partners, alongside TruDomes and FDomes.

Meanwhile, NovaDome’s customers will have access to Glampitect’s expertise in navigating the permitting process.

For current and potential glamping owners, the partnership between Glampitect and NovaDome is a positive development

When asked what can current and potential glamping owners expect from Glampitect in the coming year, Purslow said they look forward to helping more glamping businesses in their journey to the industry. 

Purslow encouraged business owners and aspiring glamping entrepreneurs to listen to the Start a Glamping Business Podcast for the latest news in the glamping industry. 

Featured image from NovaDome.


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