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South Australia’s First Mid North National Park Emerges Near Burra: A New Haven for Conservation and Recreation

South Australia is on the brink of a significant environmental milestone with the development of its first national park in the Mid-North region, near Burra. The Worlds End Gorge, a 1000-hectare area, is being transformed into a national park, marking a new chapter in the state’s conservation efforts.

This initiative was made possible by the generous contribution of Neoen Australia, a leading renewable energy company. In a remarkable act of environmental stewardship, Neoen donated the Worlds End Gorge site to the South Australian Government as part of their larger Goyder Wind Farm project.

Worlds End Gorge is not just a natural wonder but also a place of deep cultural significance. The area is home to various threatened plant and animal species and features permanent waterholes, a rarity in the region. The Ngadjuri people, the traditional owners, have a profound connection to this land, adding layers of historical and cultural value.

The park’s development is collaborative, involving the National Parks and Wildlife Service South Australia and the Ngadjuri people, according to a report by Glam Adelaide.

This partnership aims to protect and celebrate the area’s natural beauty, ensuring that the park serves as a testament to both ecological preservation and cultural respect.

A detailed master plan is in the works for the national park, with a Community Reference Group being formed to guide its design, visitor access, and management. This group includes representatives from Neoen, the Ngadjuri Nation, local volunteers, and the Regional Council of Goyder, reflecting a community-centric approach to the park’s development.

In a significant commitment to the park’s future, Neoen has pledged to provide annual funding for the next 30 years. This funding is dedicated to supporting activities that preserve the park’s ecological integrity, ensuring its sustainability for generations to come.

Envisioned as a hub for camping, recreation, and conservation, the Worlds End Gorge National Park promises to be a natural treasure for both locals and visitors. Its unique landscape and biodiversity offer a haven for conservation enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers alike.

The new national park will expand the region’s protected area to approximately 1,600 hectares, combining Worlds End Gorge with the adjacent Burra Creek Campground and Hopkins Creek Conservation Park. This integration enhances the ecological footprint and recreational potential of the area.

As the park begins to take shape, further developments and updates are eagerly anticipated. The ongoing involvement of various stakeholders ensures that the park will continue to evolve, reflecting the needs and values of the community and the environment.

For more information about the park and its development, interested parties can contact Neoen Australia, the South Australian Government, or the National Parks and Wildlife Service South Australia through their official websites.


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