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Quinns Rocks Glamping Site: A New Chapter in Wanneroo’s Tourism

In a closely contested decision, the City of Wanneroo Council has voted in favor of a transformative project for Quinns Rocks. The approval of a new glamping site, set to redefine the coastal landscape, marks a significant turn in the region’s approach to tourism and development.

The Dunes, a proposed glamping resort by Eco Tourism Pty Ltd, is poised to become a landmark destination. With an investment of over AU$8 million, the site will feature deluxe tents, cafes, and a lounge bar, blending luxury with the natural beauty of Quinns Rocks.

The 21-year lease agreement for The Dunes is not just about land use; it’s a financial strategy. The City of Wanneroo stands to gain AU$50,000 annually from the lease, alongside AU$30,000 in rates, creating a new revenue stream that benefits the local community, as reported by PerthNow.

Despite the council’s approval, the project has not been without its dissenters. Residents and the Quinns-Mindarie Surf Life Saving Club have voiced concerns about the site’s impact on public land and local infrastructure. This dissent reflects the community’s deep connection to the coastal area.

In response to these concerns, the council has emphasized the stringent conditions of the project. The Dunes is expected to host community events and maintain public access, ensuring that the development benefits all stakeholders.

The approval of The Dunes is more than a development project; it’s a step towards reimagining tourism in Wanneroo. By introducing a high-end glamping experience, the council aims to attract a new demographic of visitors, boosting local tourism.

The decision to develop The Dunes walks a fine line between fostering economic growth and preserving community interests. It highlights the complexities involved in urban planning and the need for a balanced approach that respects both development goals and local sentiments.

As The Dunes moves from concept to reality, its impact on the Quinns Rocks area will be closely watched. The project has the potential to set a precedent for future developments, shaping the character of the region for years to come.

The City of Wanneroo Council’s decision to approve The Dunes glamping site at Quinns Rocks is a bold move towards a new vision for tourism and development. While it brings opportunities for economic growth and tourism enhancement, it also carries the responsibility of addressing community concerns and preserving the unique charm of Quinns Rocks.


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