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Plans Submitted for New Campground Near Carnarvon Gorge

Plans for a major new campground near Queensland’s Carnarvon Gorge have been submitted to the Central Highlands Regional Council, promising to provide much-needed short-term accommodation for visitors to the iconic national park.

The proposed campground, detailed by Rockhampton’s Morning Bulletin, will feature 156 sites spread across a 93.9-hectare block, strategically positioned to serve as a base for exploring the natural beauty of Carnarvon National Park

The initiative is a response to the increasing demand for camping facilities in the area, aiming to enhance the visitor experience by offering ample space for self-contained recreational vehicles, caravans, and camper trailers.

Designed with the needs of self-sufficient campers in mind, the new campground will exclusively offer unpowered sites, each generously sized between 15m to 20m in width and 20m to 30m in length. While the development will not include cabins, it plans to provide essential amenities, as reported by The Grey Nomads.

Two solar-powered blocks will house five separate unisex toilets, a laundry, three showers, and a service room, ensuring that visitors without their own facilities are well accommodated. Additionally, a manager’s residence will be built on-site to oversee operations and assist guests.

This proposed campground aims to complement existing accommodations near Carnarvon Gorge, such as the Carnarvon Gorge camping area, Big Bend camping area, Big 4 Breeze Holiday Park, and Carnarvon Gorge Wilderness Lodge. 

The new site is expected to provide an alternative for campers looking to immerse themselves in the natural surroundings of the national park.

Data from the Department of Environment and Science highlights the popularity of camping at Carnarvon Gorge. So far in 2024, the national park has welcomed 1489 visitors and issued 678 camping permits. 

In 2023, the area saw a total of 7021 visitors, with 2968 camping permits issued across all camping grounds. These figures underscore the growing appeal of the region and the need for additional camping infrastructure to meet visitor demand .

If approved, the new campground will play a crucial role in supporting the tourism industry in Queensland’s Central Highlands. It will offer more options for campers, contributing to the region’s economic growth and enhancing the overall visitor experience at Carnarvon Gorge. 

The project reflects a broader trend of expanding outdoor hospitality facilities to cater to increasing interest in nature-based tourism.

As the Central Highlands Regional Council reviews the proposal, local stakeholders and potential visitors alike are hopeful that the new campground will soon become a reality, providing another gateway to the breathtaking landscapes of Carnarvon Gorge.

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