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Offline Campers Unveils Solitaire: A Luxurious Off-Grid Hybrid Trailer for Australian Adventurers

Australian company Offline Campers has unveiled the Solitaire hybrid travel trailer, a premium off-road and off-grid camping solution designed for adventurous couples seeking luxury in the outback. With a starting price of AU$130,000 (approximately $88,000) for the 14-foot model, the Solitaire showcases advanced features and luxurious amenities for discerning outdoor enthusiasts.

The Solitaire’s impressive capabilities stem from its Cruisemaster ATX airbag suspension, paired with a hot-dip galvanized chassis. This combination offers a smooth ride over rough terrain while ensuring durability in challenging environments. The suspension system enhances off-road performance, while the chassis provides a sturdy foundation for outback travel.

Image by Offline Campers via offlinecampers.com.au

Constructed with a blend of alloys and composites, the Solitaire’s shell is designed to withstand harsh Australian conditions. The pop-top roof and rear section incorporate traditional tent canvas, balancing ruggedness and weight savings. The trailer boasts high clearance and a steep angle for navigating challenging terrains.

An innovative electrically operated rear platform houses an ensuite bathroom, allowing easy access when needed while maintaining a compact profile during transit. The pop-top roof increases interior headroom, though the trailer remains fully functional without deploying this feature, offering flexibility in various camping scenarios.

Image by Offline Campers via offlinecampers.com.au

The Solitaire’s interior features an innerspring queen bed, a lounge area with a dinette, and a well-equipped kitchenette. Ample storage is provided through numerous integrated cabinets. Climate control is addressed with heating and air conditioning systems, complemented by strategically placed fans and power outlets for comfort in diverse weather conditions.

Offline Campers has prioritized off-grid capabilities in the Solitaire’s design. The trailer can be equipped with up to 800 watts of solar panels and a substantial 600 amp-hour lithium battery array, offering extended off-grid adventures. Fresh water capacity is equally impressive, with tanks holding up to 340 litres (90 gallons), ensuring comfortable stays away from civilization.

Image by Offline Campers via offlinecampers.com.au

The Solitaire encourages outdoor living with its well-designed external galley. This kitchen setup, mounted on a slide-out system, comes complete with gas and hot water connections. A 95-litre refrigerator at the front of the trailer keeps provisions fresh, while an awning provides shade for outdoor cooking and relaxation. This outdoor kitchen setup is comparable to those found in other high-end RVs with outdoor kitchens, reflecting a growing trend in luxury outdoor living spaces.

The introduction of the Solitaire aligns with the increasing popularity of off-grid camping in Australia. More people are seeking to disconnect from modern life and reconnect with nature, driving demand for advanced camping technologies and sustainable energy solutions.

Currently, the Solitaire is only available to Australian residents. Offline Campers does not ship to international markets, and adapting the trailer for use in other countries would require significant modifications to meet different road regulations and standards.

Featured image by Offline Campers via offlinecampers.com.au

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