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News for December 8, 2023

Link Composites Seeks to Support Eco-friendly Caravan Manufacturing with Composite Fiberglass Panels

In a move that signifies a significant shift in the caravan industry, Link Composites, an eco-friendly industry supplier, has been making strides in revolutionizing the sector. 

Operating out of the Coolum Eco-Industrial Park, the company has been able to achieve national success by producing advanced composite panels used in the booming caravan and recreational vehicle sector, modular housing, yachts, and even the trucking and mining industry.

Link Composites managing director Will Robinson credits the move to the new Coolum site as a catalyst for the business’s evolution from manual to automated production. 

The company now boasts a fully automated continuous production line with CNC cutting, leading to a 500% increase in production. The company is currently producing 12,000m of product per month, running at only 20% capacity, according to Link Composites.

The Sunshine Coast Council’s Economic Resurgence Plan has been instrumental in supporting Link Composites. The plan, established in response to COVID-19, aims to provide support to local businesses and assist with the region’s economic recovery by accelerating large, shovel-ready projects.

Economy Portfolio Councilor Terry Landsberg praised the Australian manufacturing excellence coming out of the Sunshine Coast. He noted that Link Composites had positioned itself perfectly on the Sunshine Coast to manage increased demand as more caravan and RV manufacturers make the switch to fiberglass.

The company’s expansion is forecast to have a total economic impact (direct and indirect) of $10.5m in capital expenditure and create 32 new local jobs, some of which will be specialist roles in robotics and mechatronics. 

Divisional 9 Councillor Maria Suarez lauded Link Composites’ multimillion-dollar investment in the Coolum Eco Industrial Park as a great example of business expansion on the Sunshine Coast.

Link Composites is offering Australia and New Zealand markets an alternative to traditional building methods for caravans, which use timber or aluminum frames, making them heavy and prone to corrosion and rot. 

The use of composite fiberglass sandwich panels will revolutionize the caravan industry in Australia, offering a new level of design flexibility, energy efficiency, and sustainability,” said Robinson.

The company is at the forefront of the industry’s transition to composite sandwich panels due to the increasing demand for lightweight, durable, and eco-friendly caravan solutions. 

These panels are made from high-strength fiberglass reinforced with a core material, such as XPS, PVC, or PET, which provides exceptional strength-to-weight ratios, thermal insulation, and resistance to moisture and environmental factors.

Link Composites is also now supported by research and development business Corematic, thanks to a Production Automation Grant. This support is expected to help redefine the face of fiberglass panel production.

Link Composites’ innovative approach to caravan manufacturing is a testament to the potential of eco-friendly practices in the industry. As more companies adopt these methods, the caravan industry is set to undergo a significant transformation, leading to more sustainable and efficient products.


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