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Jayco Newcastle: A Beacon of Excellence in the Caravan and Camping Industry

Jayco Newcastle has once again demonstrated its commitment to excellence by securing the NSW Dealer of the Year Award at the 2023 Annual Awards of Excellence, organized by the NSW Caravan and Camping Industry Association (CCIA). 

This prestigious accolade, the sixth of its kind for the dealership, underscores its unwavering dedication to the caravan and camping sector​​​​​​.

The CCIA Awards are more than just an annual event; they are a celebration of exceptional service, innovation, and best practices within the caravan and camping industry. By winning this award, Jayco Newcastle not only cements its status as a leader in the field but also showcases the overall vitality and resilience of the sector, especially post-COVID-19​​​​.

Photo courtesy of Jayco Newcastle.

The history of Jayco Newcastle is marked by consistent excellence. With previous wins in 2015, 2016, 2017, and subsequent induction into the Hall of Fame, followed by a win in 2019, the dealership has established a remarkable track record, according to a press release.

Their success, even after a hiatus during the pandemic, speaks volumes about their enduring commitment to quality and service​​​​.

The COVID-19 pandemic posed significant challenges for the industry, but Jayco Newcastle’s ability to adapt and maintain high standards during these trying times is commendable. Their comeback and win in 2023 highlight not only the resilience of the dealership but also the recovery and growth of the caravan and camping sector as a whole​​​​.

Damian Charleson, the managing director of Jayco Newcastle, attributes their repeated success to a relentless focus on continual improvement and adding value for customers. This customer-centric approach is deeply ingrained in their business philosophy, driving them to new heights of achievement​​​​.

The caravan and camping sector plays a pivotal role in the state’s economy, with over 13 million domestic trips annually contributing significantly to tourism. Jayco Newcastle, as a leader in this field, not only propels its own growth but also significantly impacts the broader economic landscape.

Jayco Newcastle’s engagement extends beyond business, as evidenced by its work with organizations like Camp Quality Newcastle. This commitment to social responsibility and community engagement further enhances their reputation as a corporate citizen and a compassionate business leader​​.

With a sprawling five-acre facility, Jayco Newcastle stands as a premier destination for caravan and motorhome enthusiasts in the Hunter and Central Coast regions. 

Offering a complete range of new and used vehicles, along with a state-of-the-art service and accessories center, the dealership is a testament to their commitment to offering comprehensive services under one roof​​​​.

As the caravan and camping industry continues to evolve, Jayco Newcastle is well-positioned to adapt and grow. Their track record suggests a bright future, not just in terms of business success but also in their continued contribution to the industry and the community.

Jayco Newcastle’s sixth Dealer of the Year win is more than an award; it’s a recognition of their longstanding commitment to excellence, innovation, and community engagement. Their story is one of resilience, adaptation, and a steadfast dedication to serving their customers and supporting their community.

For more information about Jayco Newcastle and their offerings, interested individuals can visit their website at jayconewcastle.com.au.

Featured image from Jayco Newcastle.


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