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Greater Shepparton Announces Post-Flood Reopening: A Boost for Local Businesses

The Greater Shepparton City Council has announced the latest step in its recovery effort following the October 2022 floods. The Victoria Lake Holiday Park, which had been closed since last year, has now reopened. However, the council has had to reduce capacity due to the severe damage caused by the flood event.

All of the cabins at the Victoria Lake Holiday Park had to be removed as they were severely damaged during the flood. Electrical works have been undertaken and will continue to be required into the future. Despite these challenges, the amenity blocks have been refurbished and are now ready for use.

The park will be available for RVs, caravans, and camping, with showers and toilets available inside the amenity blocks, according to a report by Shepparton News. 

This reopening marks a significant step in the region’s recovery from the floods and provides a much-needed boost to the local economy.

The reopening of the Victoria Lake Holiday Park is expected to have a positive impact on local businesses. With the park now available for visitors, local businesses can expect an increase in customers, particularly those in the hospitality and retail sectors. This comes as a welcome relief after the economic challenges posed by the floods.

Visitors wanting to utilize the caravan park are encouraged to call the council to book a site. This ensures that the park can manage its reduced capacity effectively and maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for all visitors.

For more information about Victoria Lake Holiday Park, visitors can visit the Greater Shepparton website or call the council directly. This provides an easy and accessible way for potential visitors to get the information they need and make a booking.

The council’s announcement of the latest post-flood reopening is a testament to the resilience and determination of the Greater Shepparton community. Despite the challenges posed by the floods, the community has come together to support recovery efforts and work towards a brighter future.

The reopening of the Victoria Lake Holiday Park is a significant milestone in the recovery of the Greater Shepparton region from the October 2022 floods. It not only provides a recreational space for locals and visitors but also promises to boost local businesses that have been affected by the floods. 

As the region continues to bounce back, the community can look forward to more positive developments in the future.

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Rebecca Morris
Rebecca Morris
March 16, 2024 7:30 am

Have you heard? The Victoria Lake Holiday Park in Greater Shepparton has reopened after the floods! It’s like a beacon of hope, showing how strong the community is. When you visit, you’re not just enjoying the park but also supporting the businesses there. It’s a real boost for the region, don’t you think? Let’s embrace the beauty and positivity – together we’re building a brighter future!

Charles Evans
Charles Evans
April 2, 2024 7:58 am

The reopening of Victoria Lake Holiday Park in Greater Shepparton is fantastic news! It’s a great chance for us to enjoy the beauty and amenities while supporting the community’s recovery and unity. Let’s go explore!

Thomas Lopez
Thomas Lopez
May 1, 2024 4:41 am

The reopening of the Victoria Lake Holiday Park in Greater Shepparton is fantastic news! They’re even rolling out special deals to attract more visitors and help the community recover from the floods. It’s great to see businesses teaming up to make the experience even better for us visitors.


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