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Fraser Coast Caravan Parks Continues Major Upgrades for Tourism and Local Economy this 2024

The Fraser Coast region is witnessing a significant transformation in its caravan parks, with multi-million-dollar redevelopments aimed at boosting local tourism and the economy. 

These upgrades, encompassing key locations like Scarness and Burrum Heads, are part of a broader initiative to modernize facilities and enhance the overall tourist experience.

The Scarness Caravan Park is undergoing a comprehensive redevelopment, including the construction of new amenities and infrastructure upgrades. A AU$1.8 million tender awarded to Rejuvenate Construction Solutions marks the commencement of this project, according to a news release by the Fraser Coast Regional Council.

This redevelopment includes building a new caravan park manager’s office, modern amenities, a camp kitchen, and barbecues. Additionally, a AU$3.2 million contract with Murphy Builders is set to construct roads and install essential services like underground power, water, and sewerage systems, according to a Modern Campground report.

Similarly, the Burrum Heads Caravan Park is set to receive a significant upgrade. This project focuses on modernizing the park to accommodate contemporary vans and RVs, with an emphasis on updating the existing infrastructure to meet current tourist needs.

As per another Modern Campground report, a pivotal aspect of these redevelopments is the introduction of modern booking systems. The Fraser Coast Regional Council has implemented a new booking process, including a ballot system for the first 12 months of bookings for each newly developed section. 

This system is designed to provide a fair allocation of sites, particularly benefiting returning guests. The introduction of management software, such as NewBook’s Holiday Park & Caravan Park Management Software, plays a crucial role in streamlining operations and enhancing guest experiences. 

Features like automated contact with guests, dynamic pricing, and personalized site selection options are expected to significantly improve the booking process.

The economic implications of these redevelopments are far-reaching. By attracting more visitors and providing an enhanced guest experience, the caravan parks are expected to contribute significantly to the local economy. 

This includes creating jobs and generating revenue, marking a positive step towards economic recovery, especially in the post-pandemic era.

These projects align with global trends where caravan parks are upgrading their facilities and implementing online booking systems. The Fraser Coast Regional Council’s focus on planning for the future and effectively managing and maintaining its assets is evident in these redevelopment projects. 

The aim is to ensure that the parks meet current standards and expectations, catering to today’s tourists’ needs.

The redevelopment of the Scarness Caravan Park and the planned upgrades for Burrum Heads are not just local events but part of a broader trend of local governments investing in caravan parks to boost their local economies. This trend is being observed across Australia and around the world.

The redevelopment of Fraser Coast’s caravan parks represents a significant investment in the region’s tourism infrastructure. These upgrades are expected to attract more tourists, create jobs, and stimulate local economic growth, thereby contributing to the overall development and prosperity of the Fraser Coast region. 

As these projects progress, they are set to transform the caravan park experience, aligning with the evolving expectations of modern travelers.


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