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Fiji’s Tourism Rebound Boosts Campgrounds and Outdoor Hospitality Industry

The recovery of Fiji’s tourism revenue from Australia has reached $505.4 million, representing 58.1% of the pre-pandemic earnings recorded in 2022. 

As per a report by the Travel and Tour World, this rebound has significantly benefited not only the tourism sector but also campgrounds and the outdoor hospitality industry in Fiji.

Viliame Gavoka, Fiji’s Tourism Minister, underscored the importance of Australia as Fiji’s largest market, which accounted for more than half of the tourist arrivals in the country last year. 

In 2022, Fiji welcomed 94% of pre-pandemic Australian visitors, contributing to a substantial boost in the tourism industry.

Gavoka revealed that Australian tourists represented 58.1% of Fiji’s total tourism income of $870 million, indicating a recovery rate of 97.4%. Additionally, bookings from the Australian market have been on the rise.

Since April 2, Australian market reservations have increased at an average rate of 7% per week. Advance bookings for the next 12 months are up by more than 34.5% compared to 2019 figures, suggesting a positive future for Fiji’s tourism sector.

This influx of Australian tourists has had a positive impact on Fiji’s campgrounds and outdoor hospitality industry. As more visitors seek unique outdoor experiences, these sectors are well-positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for adventure and eco-tourism offerings.

Andrew Barr, the Chief Minister of the Australian Capital Territory, expressed interest in pursuing additional opportunities to expand both countries’ economies. The introduction of two new Airbus A350s in July and August offers the potential to provide more services and seats for travelers between Australia and Fiji.

The recovery of Fiji’s tourism revenue from Australia demonstrates the strong relationship between the two nations. The revitalization of this essential market not only benefits the broader tourism sector but also positively influences campgrounds, outdoor hospitality providers, and outdoor tourists both within and outside Australia.


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