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Booleroo Centre RV Park Wins Top Prize at Grey Nomad Awards

The Booleroo Centre RV Park in Australia has been awarded the top prize in its category at the 2022 Grey Nomad Awards, recognizing the tireless work of volunteers in creating a welcoming destination for Australia’s caravaning retirees. 

The park was first conceived in 2020 with the backing of local support and Drought Communities funding, with the aim of giving visitors a reason to stop in the small Southern Flinders Ranges town near Mount Remarkable.

One of the volunteers involved in the project, Emma Waters, nominated the park for the Grey Nomad Awards in both 2021 and 2022, and was thrilled when the judges awarded the park first place in its category this year.

“The park was to enable us to share our quiet little piece of the world with others,” Waters said.

“Reflecting on the success of the project. “We are so grateful for the opportunity that arose for us to be able to create this,” Waters added.

In just two short years, the team at Booleroo RV Park have built infrastructure for RVs, powered their sites, and established modern amenities. 

The park was also recognized as a national finalist in the “Best Grey Nomad Community Stay” category in 2021, demonstrating the meteoric rise of this project.

The Grey Nomad Awards have been running since 2018, recognizing communities and townships that cater to Australia’s caravaning retirees. 

Grey Nomad Award Director, Liz Rivvers, said the judges were particularly impressed by the amount of work done by a volunteer crew in such a short period of time in Booleroo Centre.

“It’s a group of passionate locals who went, ‘how do we make our little town in the Southern Flinders Ranges stand out?’” Rivvers said. 

“One of the criteria we are looking for are things that will make the lives of grey nomads happier, healthier, and safer,” Rivvers added.

The Booleroo Steam and Traction Preservation Society Museum was also recognized with a bronze award in the historic attraction category. 

The museum contains the largest collection of steam and traction engines in Australia and is a popular destination for tourists visiting the region.

The Grey Nomad Awards have also recognized the South Australian town of Kimba, inducting the Eyre Peninsula locale into its Hall of Fame

Kimba Recreation Reserve won its category – Best Grey Nomad Council Free-Stay, three years in a row, earning the park its Hall of Fame position. 

With landmarks including the Big Galah, the Vittera silo art, and the Half Way Across Australia sign, Kimba is a “must-stop town” for grey nomads and others, according to Rivvers.

This award showcases the success of a volunteer-led project in creating a welcoming destination for Australia’s caravaning retirees. 

The Booleroo Centre RV Park was created with the aim of giving visitors a reason to stop in a small Southern Flinders Ranges town, and its recognition at the Grey Nomad Awards demonstrates the importance of providing quality outdoor hospitality experiences for travelers.

The success of the park highlights the potential for volunteer-led projects to drive tourism and economic growth in small towns and rural areas. 

It also emphasizes the importance of providing modern amenities and infrastructure for RVs, as well as prioritizing the safety and well-being of travelers.

About 2022 Grey Nomad Awards

It has 11 categories, including two new ones, that recognize government, private and not-for-profit organizations that welcome mature age travelers within Australia​, making their lives healthier, happier and safer.

The Awards encourage positive aging through supporting and promoting soft adventure and social inclusion.

Moreover, it focuses on the things that mature-age, overland travelers want: well-maintained facilities, cleanliness, good value, great customer service, easy booking, thoughtful extras, thoughtful spaces and the chance to socialize and learn.

The towns and destinations that gain the appreciation of Grey Nomads recognise and plan for this group’s specific needs – things like places to park big rigs, easy access to shops and services, good-value places to stay, dog-friendly environments and services, reliable mobile reception, and accurate destination information to make planning a breeze.

Attractions, tours, festivals and programs that cater to the needs of Grey Nomads also get a big tick of approval, so the Awards have categories that these organizations can enter also.

Success in the Grey Nomad Awards may  bring more business as it can attract more visitors and more spend into successful towns and regions.

Through the Grey Nomad Awards, caravan parks, clubs, farms, pubs, and other businesses that offer spaces and experiences tailored to mature-aged visitors are seeing a rise in bookings, resulting in longer stays and increased revenue.

Also, tour operators and attractions that cater to this market are also benefiting from the trend, enjoying a boost in income from the growing number of Grey Nomad travelers. 

Furthermore, regional events such as festivals are seeing more attendees, as this demographic is showing a keen interest in exploring new destinations and experiences. 


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