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2023 South Australian Tourism Awards: A Showcase of Excellence and Innovation in Outdoor Hospitality

In the vibrant landscape of South Australia’s tourism industry, the 2023 South Australian Tourism Awards stand as a testament to the region’s dedication to excellence and innovation. 

These awards, championed by the South Australian Tourism Commission, not only honor the achievements of local businesses but also highlight the critical role of tourism in bolstering the state’s economy and cultural richness.

Woodhouse Adventure Park’s induction into the Hall of Fame within the Unique Accommodation category marks a significant milestone, reflecting its unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional experiences. 

This accolade, following three consecutive wins, celebrates the park’s diverse offerings that range from chalets and glamping to heritage mansions, all designed to provide families and travelers with an authentic and screen-free adventure, as per a Tourism Industry Council of South Australia announcement.

The awards illuminate the rich tapestry of South Australia’s tourism offerings, with each winner embodying a unique aspect of the state’s charm. This year’s ceremony was particularly noteworthy for showcasing a wide array of innovative and superior services, indicative of the dynamic and flourishing nature of the local tourism sector.

Tourism officials have praised the winners for enhancing South Australia’s status as a top-tier destination. 

The awards encourage other businesses to aspire to the same level of distinction, with Woodhouse Adventure Park’s recognition highlighting the potential for outdoor hospitality to offer impactful and sustainable tourist experiences that resonate with both residents and tourists.

Adelaide Fringe’s recognition in the Excellence in Accessible Tourism category underscores the festival’s commitment to inclusivity, ensuring that tourism experiences are accessible to all, thereby broadening the joy and benefits of tourism.

The public’s choice, Monarto Safari Park, for the Voters’ Choice Award for Experience, underscores the value of engaging and immersive tourism experiences. 

This public endorsement not only affirms the park’s efforts but also acts as a compelling recommendation to prospective visitors, signaling the exceptional experiences that await them.

Monarto Safari Park’s dual accolade, recognized by both the public and judges, exemplifies its dedication to surpassing the rigorous standards of the tourism industry. This dual honor is a testament to the park’s commitment to excellence and its significant role in promoting South Australia’s tourism.

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Brian Wood
Brian Wood
May 11, 2024 8:06 pm

Let’s explore the cool vibes of outdoor hospitality at the 2023 South Australian Tourism Awards! See how places like Woodhouse Adventure Park and Monarto Safari Park are making South Australia shine with unique experiences.


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