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Lilly Pods Founder: Demand Growing for Glamping Pods in the UAE

While still in its infancy, the glamping industry in the United Arab Emirates is set to flourish, said Lee Blenkinsopp, founder of Lilly Pods

“Yes! Way, way more in demand,” he told Modern Campground. “The projects we did out here, they’re fully booked.”

This success can be seen across multiple properties such as The Dunes Camping and Safari—one of Lilly Pods’ very first clients—which was recently recognized as Tripadvisor’s 2022 Travelers’ Choice.

Photo courtesy of Lilly Pods

At the moment, he said demand is high for glamping stays in the region, but across the Middle East, Saudi Arabia would most likely see the surge.

“[T]here is going to be a huge explosion of camping grounds out here. And then Saudi Arabia, especially, down the Red Sea projects—they’re doing all developments designed just for camping so . . . glamping will be massive part of it down there,” Blenkinsopp shared.

Located in Umm Al Quwain, the glamping structures are 100% manufactured in the UAE, but Lilly Pods also supplies to the UK and other parts of the UAE. Currently, Blenkinsopp said that inquiries are rushing in from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Oman.

Photo courtesy of Lilly Pods

After selling his old company, he went on to design and build a glamping structure for his land in the UK. What was one pod soon multiplied after he established the manufacturing company that would later on supply the first-ever pods in the Middle East.

The pods have an aluminum frame for strength. Instead of redwood or hardwood, Lilly Pods have laminates that provide a unique look. Still, he said each can be of a different finish or size, depending on the client’s preference.

Photo courtesy of Lilly Pods

Some structures like the ones the company made for a property in Ras Al-Khaimah can measure up to 6m x 5m and be up to 2.6 m high. These often feature a bathroom and a shower, big front and rear windows, and an entrance door.

For now, Lilly Pods is working on building 50 glamping pods with slightly different shapes and sizes.

When asked why glamping pods are a good investment, Blenkinsopp said that these infrastructures are relatively cost-effective and are quick builds.

Once again highlighting the boost in demand, he said another reason to invest in a glamping pod for a campground is that “a lot of people like to spend their time outside instead of now, instead of [being] cooped in hotel rooms.”

“. . . and your return on investment is incredibly quick,” he added.

To know more about Lilly Pods, you may email them at [email protected] or message them on Facebook.

Featured image courtesy of Lilly Pods.

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February 16, 2024 6:04 am

This is truly thrilling news! It’s extraordinary to see the increasing demand for glamping pods in the UAE and the expected surge in Saudi Arabia. I think it’s wonderful that Lilly Pods is not only offering customizable, cost-effective pods but also actively seeking partnerships to provide distinctive glamping experiences. The focus on eco-friendly and energy-efficient designs aligns with the trend toward sustainable tourism developments. It’s delightful to see this innovative approach gaining traction.


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