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Bigger and Sturdier, These Tented Villas by Escape Nomade are Not Like Ordinary Glamping Tents

The glamping industry in Asia is blossoming as the region continues to cultivate the outdoor accommodations segment in its own way, Aanvi Singhania of Escape Nomade told Modern Campground.

Still, the company proves that glamping is an international trade as it supplies cutting-edge structures to outdoor resorts all over the world.

Photo courtesy of Escape Nomade

Headquartered in Ubud, Bali (Indonesia), Escape Nomade is helping glamping resorts worldwide provide unforgettable nature escapes through luxury tented villas. In the regional scene, the company’s Head of Sales, Marketing, and Brand Development Aanvi Singhania said that the luxury camping industry in Asia is “currently on the uprise”.

“The glamping industry in Asia is currently on the uprise at a faster pace than one would imagine,” Singhania told Modern Campground in an email interview.

Photo courtesy of Escape Nomade

While numbers are not on par with those of Europe or America, Asia is “propagating the glamping culture or outdoor accommodations culture in its own unique way, with more high-end offerings and ADRs (average daily rates),” she said.

This luxurification of accommodations, she said, used to only be seen in high-end hotels, not tents or other outdoor structures.

Gone are those days. The outdoor hospitality industry now also offers lavish lodging options—often seen in glampgrounds.

Photo courtesy of Escape Nomade

Glamping, a form of luxurious camping, has been on the rise across the globe. With this rise in demand comes the mushrooming of exquisite accommodation options that range from safari tents, domes, pods, and now tented villas.

Still, the company is not a newcomer. In fact, Escape Nomade made itself known in 2004 when  Dutch designer and environmental advocate Anneke van Waesberghe conceptualized a sturdy structured tent to serve as her temporary home while her house in Ubud was being constructed.

Soon, talks about “the jewel in the jungle” reached friends, family, and socialites, and commissions began pouring in—one being from Hollywood actress Uma Thurman. Fast forward to today, Escape Nomade now supplies glamping villas to luxury resorts, glamping sites, wellness centers, and more.

Photo courtesy of Escape Nomade

The Structures

Bali is known for luxury outdoor resorts that are perfect for getaways. Outdoor facilities in each destination are unique in design and show one-of-a-kind craftsmanship that every vacationer deserves to experience.

Throughout the island, Escape Nomade’s tented structures can be enjoyed at Kanva Glamping by K-Club, Bali Beach Glamping, Sebatu Eco Sanctuary, Gala Lima Glamping, and more.

Photo courtesy of Escape Nomade

The tented villas, Singhania told MC, are simply not glamping tents, but are villas due to their size (as large as 4,800 square feet) and design.

Asked how glamping resorts can benefit from the structures, she said their designs are “unique, comfortable and will surely inspire many people to visit your resort.” 

Photo courtesy of Escape Nomade

Depending on the purpose, the tented villas are provided with fully equipped interior packages. Escape Nomade’s structures can be used as lodging, but some serve their purpose as offices, spas, receptions, or event venues for outdoor resorts.

Whatever the use, the company offers clients architectural and design services including site planning, permit drawings, technical schematics, and more.

Moreover, the glamping accommodations are snow, desert, and earthquake-proof while still being light footprint.

“Fits well with the theme of sustainability that has become an essential part of any hospitality project that wants to see success today,” said Singhania.

Photo courtesy of Escape Nomade

Galvanized steel is used for the structures as well as several layers of self-cleaning outdoor fabric and insulation.

Due to the quality of materials, Escape’s tented glamping villas are most-effective in the long run. In fact, the fabrics do not need to be replaced for several years, the company’s head of sales, marketing, and brand development told Modern Campground.

On top of each tent’s modular design, parts and layers of the iconic roof and wall systems can be individually replaced.

Photo courtesy of Escape Nomade

One good thing about installing a tented villa is that glampgrounds looking into developing or expanding need not worry about closing an area when installing the glamping villas. The process itself is not impeding day-to-day business, Singhania said.

“In regular construction, this would mean loss of business or upset guests for several days, but with our tents, you can do a setup in three days per tent, provided that MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) work is done by the time our tents are shipped,” she said.

Return on investment (ROI) is also guaranteed and a more premium average daily rate (ADR) can be rolled out “because people are looking for new experiences and they are willing to pay for it,” Singhania said, adding that parks could charge at least 60% more for a glamping villa than a usual room of the same size.

Photo courtesy of Escape Nomade


From camping came glamping. Now, Escape Nomade hopes to mesh glamping with the wedding industry.

The wedding industry in Asia is growing as the glamping industry grows, Singhania said. Soon-to-be-weds are now looking for exclusive wedding and event venues other than high-end hotels. 

Photo courtesy of Escape Nomade

To address this emerging demand, the company developed a new product called the “Escape Nomade 1920s Wedding & Event Venue,” hoping to introduce another sector into the outdoor accommodations industry.

Escape Nomade launched in Bali, Indonesia in 2004. Since then, the company has expanded to include two factories, one headquarters, and one show site.

To learn more about Escape Nomade, visit https://escapenomade.com/.

Featured image courtesy of Escape Nomade.


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