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Victoria Lee Appointed as New Content Manager for RV Industry Association

The RV Industry Association (RVIA) has announced the appointment of Victoria Lee as its new content manager. With a rich background in arts and digital content creation, Lee is poised to enhance the Association’s communication efforts, aiming to attract a younger and more diverse audience to RVing.

Victoria graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Teacher Education. She then served as an art specialist at Fairfax County Public Schools for five years, where she developed significant educational and artistic skills. 

A woman smiling, seated by a desk in a stylishly decorated room, wearing a black blazer and blue jeans, holds an "Auto Draft" document.
Victoria Lee, RVIA’s new content manager. | Image by RV Industry Association via rvia.org

Her career took a pivotal turn during the pandemic when she began creating digital content to support remote learning, which sparked her interest in broader digital content development.

Lee’s professional journey extended into marketing and content creation across several business sectors after her teaching career. Her roles have included marketing endeavors in real estate and solar development industries, where she developed a keen eye for engaging multimedia content, as per the News & Insights report of the RVIA.

This experience culminated in the founding of her own business, Aesthetically Media, specializing in social media management, video production, and branding for various clients across Northern Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland.

In her new role at the Association, Lee will manage content across the Association’s primary websites, including those for the RV Technical Institute and Go RVing initiatives. 

Her responsibilities will include overseeing the design and photographic content, aiming to provide a fresh and appealing visual approach to the association’s digital presence.

Personal connections to RVing have also shaped Lee’s perspective and enthusiasm for her new role. Having grown up camping and RVing with her family, she understands the lifestyle’s value in creating lasting memories and exploring the great outdoors. This personal experience enhances her approach to promoting the RV lifestyle through her professional work.

The RVIA expresses confidence in Lee’s capabilities to significantly contribute to their ongoing efforts to engage with a broader audience. Her diverse background and personal connection to RVing are expected to bring valuable insights into how the industry communicates with current and potential RV enthusiasts.

As the RV industry continues to adapt and grow, Victoria Lee is ready to lead the Association’s marketing and communications into a new era. Her unique blend of creative skills and professional experience is anticipated to play a crucial role in maintaining and expanding the RV industry’s appeal to a diverse and evolving consumer base.

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