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Safari Condo Alto R1723: Lightweight Teardrop RV for Sustainable Outdoor Adventures

The Safari Condo Alto R1723, a lightweight teardrop RV, is making waves in the outdoor hospitality industry with its unique design and versatile features. A recently shared YouTube walkthrough of this small yet fully equipped recreational vehicle reveals its innovative design and features that cater to the outdoor enthusiast.

The Safari Condo Alto R1723 is celebrated for its two notable features. The roof of this trailer can be raised, transforming the vehicle into a roomy, livable space. In addition, the RV is incredibly light, weighing only 2000 pounds. This means it can be towed by a standard car, making it accessible to a larger number of people, especially city dwellers who may not own larger towing vehicles.

This teardrop trailer is designed with efficiency and practicality in mind. While its outdoor storage is relatively modest compared to traditional RVs, the owner reports that it is sufficient to house all necessary camping gear such as electrical cables, hoses, and a small barbecue. Another noteworthy outdoor feature includes a solar panel, enabling the RV owner to tap into renewable energy while on the move. The trailer also includes two propane tanks and a two-bike bike rack, enhancing the appeal for outdoor enthusiasts.

The Safari Condo Alto R1723 offers more than a typical teardrop RV when it comes to accommodations. It sleeps four comfortably, thanks to a unique bunk model and a dining area that easily converts into a bed. The bunk, which is sturdier and longer than typical RV bunks, can even accommodate adults.

Inside the RV, it’s equipped with a fully functional kitchen and bathroom, including a two-burner stove, sink, fridge that can run on both gas and electric, and even a microwave. The “wet bath” includes a toilet and a shower, although water conservation is key as the water tanks are relatively small.

While the compact space does require strategic movement and storage, the trade-off is a sense of intimacy and cosiness that larger RVs can lack. As an added bonus, this RV comes standard with a Fantastic Fan for ventilation, LED lighting for night-time illumination, and a myriad of charging options for devices.

One of the most distinctive features of the Safari Condo Alto R1723 is the amount of glass incorporated into its design. The RV is encased in large windows, creating an almost treehouse-like feeling, immersing the occupants in their surroundings while maintaining the comforts of an indoor space.

The outdoor hospitality industry has a lot to gain from innovative designs like the Safari Condo Alto R1723. These lighter, more accessible RV models could attract a broader audience to camping and other outdoor activities, thus promoting a more sustainable, environment-conscious form of tourism.

The Safari Condo Alto R1723 delivers a versatile outdoor experience that pairs well with the increasing interest in minimalistic, sustainable travel. It’s proof that sometimes, less can indeed be more.


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