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RV Travel Tips and Exciting News from the National RV Training Academy

In the latest episode of Todd’s Two Minute Tech Tip Tuesday, brought to you by the National RV Training Academy, viewers were treated to a blend of practical RV travel advice and exciting updates about the highly anticipated second season of RV Unplugged.

As the largest hands-on RV training academy in America, NRVTA continues to provide valuable insights to the RVing community. Host Todd began the segment by urging viewers to subscribe to the channel, ensuring they don’t miss out on future tips and updates.

Todd announced the upcoming premiere of RV Unplugged Season 2, set for May 29th, with a live watch party on YouTube. This season promises to be an engaging experience, produced by a four-time Emmy award-winning company and sponsored by NRVTA.

Fans can look forward to interacting with the cast during the live event, enhancing the communal aspect of the show. The announcement was followed by a trailer link, allowing viewers to get a glimpse of what’s in store for the new season.

Shifting focus to travel tips, Todd shared his personal recommendations for maintaining comfort and safety while on the road. He emphasized the importance of using the house AC in motor coaches to keep the RV cool and advised against traveling with propane on, especially for refrigerators with open flames, due to safety concerns.

Todd also suggested practical alternatives, such as using frozen items to keep the refrigerator cool during travel, thus minimizing risks and ensuring food safety.

Further advice included cautioning against traveling with heavy holding tanks. Todd explained that full tanks add unnecessary weight, affecting fuel efficiency and potentially straining the RV’s structural integrity.

He recommended finding locations to refill water tanks along the route, highlighting the availability of apps that assist in locating these resources. Additionally, Todd stressed the importance of taking regular breaks to enjoy the journey and reduce travel fatigue.

To conclude, Todd provided a final tip on monitoring axle temperatures during fuel stops using an infrared gun. This preventative measure helps identify potential issues with axle bearings, which could lead to fires if not addressed promptly.

Emphasizing safety and preparedness, Todd’s tips aim to ensure that RV enthusiasts can travel with confidence and peace of mind. The segment wrapped up with an invitation to explore more training opportunities through NRVTA, underlining the academy’s commitment to supporting the RVing community.

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