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Leafy Fields: The Original Autism-Friendly Glamping Site in Devon

Leafy Fields in Devon, the original autism-friendly glamping site, offers a unique and inclusive camping experience tailored to neurodiverse families. Founded by Danny and Andrew in 2016, Leafy Fields was born out of their personal experiences as an autistic family.

Their aim was to create a welcoming and secure environment where families with autistic members could enjoy a stress-free holiday. The site provides various accommodations, including bell tents, safari tents, and a shepherd’s hut, all designed with special considerations for safety and comfort, as shown in a video by Tractors & Cream Glamping.

Setting up Leafy Fields involved significant challenges, particularly in obtaining planning permission, which took about a year and required the assistance of a planning consultant. Despite the difficulties, Danny and Andrew successfully opened the site with two bell tents under a 28-day license, allowing them to demonstrate demand for their concept.

From the outset, Leafy Fields has been dedicated to being autism-friendly, implementing numerous features to ensure the safety and enjoyment of their guests. For instance, the site uses stock fencing and chicken wire to prevent children from wandering off, providing a sense of security for parents.

One of the standout features of Leafy Fields is the “sunflower pack,” a resource tailored for neurodiverse families. This pack includes a guide to local attractions that are accommodating to children who might struggle in public spaces, along with social stories about the site’s animals and accommodations.

Additionally, families who book the sunflower pack receive a day in the sensory playroom, which is equipped with calming lights, a bubble tube, and other sensory-friendly features. This thoughtful approach ensures that families can relax and enjoy their stay without the usual anxieties associated with traveling.

Leafy Fields also incorporates practical elements to enhance the glamping experience. The site offers robust, guideline-free safari tents from Clear Sky, chosen for their spaciousness and durability. These tents feature unique cabin beds with play areas underneath, providing children with a fun and safe environment.

The glamping site also boasts a variety of miniature animals, including horses, rabbits, sheep, and goats, which guests can interact with. This aspect not only adds to the charm of the site but also offers therapeutic benefits for children.

Living off-site, Danny and Andrew manage Leafy Fields with a hands-on approach, maintaining daily operations and ensuring that guests have a seamless experience. They offer contactless check-ins and are available via phone for any assistance needed.

This arrangement allows them to balance their personal lives while running the site efficiently. Leafy Fields exemplifies how a thoughtful, inclusive approach to glamping can create a memorable and supportive environment for neurodiverse families. The site continues to thrive, providing a model for other businesses in the hospitality industry.

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