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Journey through the American Southwest in a GXV Hilt Expedition Vehicle

Kait and her travel companion embarked on an adventure to Overland Expo West in Flagstaff, Arizona, driving the GXV Hilt by Storyteller Overland. Their journey began with a challenging maneuver out of a tight parking spot, highlighting the vehicle’s impressive 27-foot length and maneuverability.

Despite initial concerns, the Hilt’s turning radius proved advantageous, setting the tone for a promising road trip, as shown in a YouTube video by We’re The Russos.

As they cruised down historic Route 66, the duo marveled at the stark contrast in fuel prices between California and Arizona, appreciating the Hilt’s 74-gallon fuel capacity. The vehicle’s performance on various terrains, from dirt roads to highways, was notable.

The Liquid Springs suspension and adjustable comfort modes ensured a smooth ride, even in heavy crosswinds. Their first stop, Oatman, Arizona, brought encounters with wild burros, a quirky highlight that added to the charm of their expedition.

Continuing on Route 66 towards Kingman, Arizona, the Hilt’s size became apparent on the narrow roads. The optional exhaust brake provided reassurance during steep descents, and the spacious interior allowed for a comfortable overnight stay. The vehicle’s robust 16.8-kilowatt battery system powered the air conditioning throughout the night, ensuring a restful sleep despite the exterior heat.

The journey took them to Kingman and eventually to Seligman, Arizona, both towns rich in Route 66 history. They enjoyed exploring local attractions and reminiscing about the historical significance of these destinations.

The Hilt’s size occasionally posed parking challenges, but its overall ease of driving made up for these minor inconveniences. A stop at a local barbecue joint added a culinary delight to their trip, further enriching their travel experience.

As their week-long adventure in the Hilt came to an end, they reflected on the vehicle’s impressive features, including its spacious interior, ample water supply, and efficient bathroom facilities.

Both Kait and her companion expressed their satisfaction with the Hilt, noting the comfort and functionality it provided throughout their journey. Their expedition concluded with a sense of fulfillment and a deeper appreciation for the GXV Hilt’s capabilities.

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