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Isuzu NPS 300 Truck Transformed into a Custom Camper

In the realm of outdoor hospitality, innovation, and creativity are key. A perfect example of this is the transformation of a 2012 Isuzu NPS 300 truck into a custom camper, a project undertaken by Michaela and Ken, the duo behind the LOCKEDNLIFTED4X4 YouTube channel.

Their journey, documented in their first YouTube episode, offers a comprehensive walkthrough of their camper, providing a unique perspective on how outdoor hospitality can be redefined.

The Isuzu NPS 300 truck, which they have been building for the past two years, is designed to travel across Australia. The camper is equipped with a remote-controlled roof that can lift up to 400 kilos, an awning, and an outdoor camp table for cooking.

The camper’s exterior also features storage boxes for essentials and a door and windows sourced from clearance sales, demonstrating how cost-effectiveness and functionality can go hand in hand.

The camper’s structure is made of 50 by 50 box-section steel, chosen for its durability and strength. Scott from SKO Track Customs built the camper’s shell, bed frame, and shower unit. The interior of the camper is insulated and lined with VJ boards, while the floor is made of 19mm pine.

The camper’s interior is a marvel of space utilization and comfort. It features a 12-volt system, a spacious fridge, a bathroom with a Dometic toilet, and a shower. The bed can be adjusted for more room, and there’s plenty of storage space.

The camper also boasts a kitchen with a sink, storage, and an induction cooker. The highlight, however, is the air conditioning system, a game-changer for comfort in the great outdoors.

Answering the question on everyone’s mind, the duo revealed that the camper cost them around 30 to 35 thousand dollars. This figure, while significant, is a testament to their dedication and hard work, as they did most of the work themselves, saving on labor costs.

The camper’s water storage capacity is another impressive feature. A 250-liter water tank runs the length of the camper, supplemented by an additional 64 liters on the roof, ensuring a plentiful water supply for off-grid living.

Michaela and Ken’s custom camper is a testament to the potential of outdoor hospitality. It combines the freedom of the open road with the comforts of home, creating a unique travel experience. Their journey serves as an inspiration for others to explore the possibilities of outdoor living, proving that with creativity and hard work, the open road can truly become a home.


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